Best Practices In Cross-Channel Marketing

Data Quality Dimensions Marketers Should Emphasize in Decision Making

What Stakeholders Are Demanding When It Comes to Ad Spend

Why Continuous Connection is Imperative for Retailers

How Ad Fraud Can Compromise Your Media Spend Optimization Efforts

MEDIA ALERT: Marketing Evolution to Host Adweek Webinar "The Importance of Marketing Data Quality: Put a Stop to Wasted Media Spend" on September 12th

Marketers Waste 21 Cents of Every Media Dollar From Poor Data Quality

Striking the Right Balance Between Brand and Performance in Retail

Direct to Consumer Marketing Tactics Retailers Must Consider

Trend Analysis: Preparing for Omnichannel Success with Gen Z

Proactively Organizing Disparate Marketing Data Sources

Using People, Processes, and Technology for Data Quality in Marketing

Five Ways to Achieve Retail Marketing Campaign Objectives with Analytics

The Modern Marketer's Dictionary: Digital Marketing Analytics and Metrics

Moving Beyond GDPR: Evolving from Privacy to Transparency

It's 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Marketing Dollars Are?

How Marketers are Leveraging Data in Television Marketing

5 Reasons CMOs are Facing an Uphill Battle

The Pitfalls of Last Click Attribution

Shifting Focus Areas for Customer Experience in the Omnichannel Landscape

The New Definition of Marketing Optimization

4 Steps to Unlock Better Performing Creative with Data Analytics

EE is a Phenomenal Story to Tell

At Energy Efficiency Global Forum, Uniting To 'Double Down' In The Face Of The Climate Threat

Best Practices for Using Data to Create Omnichannel Retail Campaigns

Marketing Trend: How Authentic Storytelling is Shaping the Customer Journey

The Top 5 Marketing Changes CMOs Need to Address

Webinar Recap: 5 Media Myths Marketers Need to Retire Now

The Role of Offline Media in the Future of Marketing

3 Essential Components of Tracking Brand Value

5 Factors Influencing Marketing Spend Optimization Efforts in 2019

Why TV Advertising's Precision Must Evolve

3 Media Trends Affecting the Success of TV Advertising This Year

How Much Fun Was That?


TV Networks Face Challenges as They Announce Their New Primetime Lineups

Recap of our webinar: Trends in Marketing, Measurement & Optimization For Today’s Marketer

Why Data Cleanup and Organization are Vital to Greater Marketing ROI

The Modern Marketer's Dictionary: Everyday MarTech Tools and Concepts

Marketing Evolution Partners to Improve the Performance of Their Marketing Investments

Top Challenges Marketers Face on the Road to Innovation

RRD and Marketing Evolution Announce Strategic Alliance to Help Clients Improve the Performance of their Marketing Investments

The Modern Marketer's Dictionary: The Customer Journey

The Increasingly Important Role Location is Playing in Marketing

The Power of Right Now in Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

A Peek Inside Our Time at Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum

MEDIA ALERT: Marketing Evolution CEO to Speak at SAP’s European Executive Digital Exchange Rex Briggs will present “How To Transform Marketing ROI Measurement & Optimization”

MTA: Marketers Talk Attribution- Feb. 6, 2019- Presented by: The ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council

MEDIA ALERT: Marketing Evolution President to Speak at Forrester Consumer Marketing 2019

Major Australian Telco Taps Marketing Evolution to Drive World-Class Advertising Capabilities

Marketing Evolution Raises Another $26.1M for its Platform That’s Powered by Over 100 Trillion Data Points

How Marketers Can Collaborate with Stakeholders Beyond Their Department

Marketing Evolution Nabs $26.1M

Marketing Evolution raises $26.1 mln

Marketing Evolution Announces $26.1 Million in Growth Funding Round Led by Energy Impact Partners

Growth Funds for Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution Scoops $26.1 Million Funding; Sets the Bar for Marketing Data Quality & Measurement

Marketing Evolution Raises $26.1 Mn, to Enhance Marketing Measurement and Attribution Platform

Marketing Evolution Announces $26.1 Million in Growth Funding Round Led by Energy Impact Partners

Marketing Evolution Raises $26.1M in Growth Funding

Marketing Evolution Raises $26.1M Financing

Marketing Evolution Announces $26.1 Million in Growth Funding Round Led by Energy Impact Partners

Optimization company Marketing Evolution raises $26.1M

Marketing Evolution Announces $26.1 Million in Growth Funding Round

The Future of Omnichannel Marketing: Automated Data Collection and Analysis

6 Key Components of a Modern Marketing Plan

Analytics, Big Data and the Need for Better Attribution

The Big Game: Is It Time For CMOs To Adjust Our Playbooks?

Why Marketing Analytics Software Must Be a Budget Priority to Achieve Goals

Retail's Hottest Trends in 2019: What Marketers Need to Know

Marketers Descend Upon the Houses of Parliament to Discuss Industry Trends

Confirm the Integrity of Your Data

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your MarTech Stack

Marketing Evolution Unveils Online Certification Programs for Marketers, Developed with Leading Marketing Academics

How Marketing Intelligence is Enhancing Customer Experience

Despite a Plethora of Data, Marketers Are Still Not Utilizing It to Its Full Potential

Marketing Evolution Announces New Industry Standard for Data Quality Assurance

Marketing Evolution Announces New Industry Standard for Data Quality Assurance

Marketing Evolution Announces New Industry Standard for Data Quality Assurance

Marketing Evolution Announces New Industry Standard for Data Quality Assurance

Why Agile Marketing Depends on Integrated Marketing Stacks

Why the Future of Successful Marketing Analytics Begins with Good Data Hygiene

MEDIA ALERT: Marketing Evolution CEO to Participate in Fireside Chat at DEG’s NextUP | Marketing Analytics Symposium

Making the Switch to Unified Marketing Measurement

3 Retail Marketing Insights to Bridge the Gap Between Online and In-Store

Direct Auto & Life Insurance Selects Marketing Evolution’s Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solution

Key Focus Areas for an Effective Marketing Transformation Strategy

Overcoming the Marketing Data Management Challenge

Eight Steps to Unlock Agile Marketing with Predictive Analytics

2018’s Most Popular Marketing Optimization Blog Posts

Orfalea College of Business, Marketing Evolution Start Student-Run Business Analytics Agency

Predictions & Trends for Digital Marketing and MarTech in 2019

Make the Case for Advanced Marketing Measurement

Necessities When Investing in Marketing Measurement Optimization

Offline & Online: Creating an Integrated Marketing Ecosystem

The Role of Predictive Analytics in Data Driven Marketing

Voice-Based AI Means Brands Must Take an Omnichannel Approach With Consumers

Voice-Based AI Means Brands Must Take an Omnichannel Approach With Consumers

Combating Misattribution by Connecting Quality Data and Analysis

3 Steps to Create an Agile Marketing Culture

How to Combine Existing Attribution Measurements into an Omnichannel Attribution Model

Marketing Automation, Beyond the First Hello

Taking an Audience Driven Approach to Creative Marketing Messaging

What is the Best Marketing Attribution Model for Your Organization?

How Offline and Online Media Can Work Together to Reach ROI Objectives

Why Media Mix Optimization is Necessary in Modern Marketing

Achieving Unified Measurement Success: 5 Necessary Metrics to Incorporate

The Role of Marketing Analytics in Identifying Creative Needs

Agency Holding Companies Need A Brave New Business Model

Mastering The Art Of Omnichannel Retailing

Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Measurement

3 Traits of the Most Successful Online and Offline Media Campaigns of 2018

Trend Analysis: The Shift to Brand Over Product Marketing

Marketers: How To Trust Your Data Again

Video: Maturing Your Approach featuring Forrester Analyst, Jim Nail - Part 2

Video: Person-Level Data featuring Forrester Analyst, Jim Nail - Part 1

A Marketer’s Dilemma: Overcoming the Challenges of the Data Disconnect

Common Retail Marketing Attribution Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Understanding Online & In-Store Shopping Habits: Leveraging Unified Measurement in Retail

The Current State of Marketing Measurement & Optimization

Are your marketing efforts hurting sales? The need for a consistent view of the consumer journey

5 Ways to Hack Higher Marketing ROI

Marketing Evolution Awarded Patent Recognition for Latest Innovation

Marketing Evolution Names Chief Data Science Officer

Omnichannel Attribution Conquers the Marketing Channel Hydra

Transforming The Transformative: The CMO's Role In Leading Digital Transformation

New Research Shows Person-Level Data Measurement Critical for Marketers to Reach Their Key Objectives

Your AI Does Not Need Tickets To The Big Game

The Best Digital Marketing Stats We’ve Seen This Week

TechBytes with John Matthews, President at Marketing Evolution

Bridging the Gap: Creating the Perfect Customer Journey

College of Engineering Announces Big Data Minor

Brand Steward To Privacy Marshal: The Evolving Role Of CMOs In A Post-Trust Era

Where Are Market Research and Analytics Falling Short?

Why Brands Need to Shift the Focus on Putting the Right Ad in the Right Channel

Waste in Advertising: Stats and Solutions of Misattribution

3 Retailers Driving Sales and Efficiency with Unified Measurement

The Future of Marketing Intelligence in Retail

The Steps, Tools, and Models Needed for Media Spend Optimization

Why Attribution is Key to a Successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

How to Ensure Your Messaging is There When Consumers Need It

Top 4 Features That Contribute to a Positive Omnichannel Customer Experience

The Current State of Marketing Measurement & Optimization by Forrester

The Present and Future of Marketing Analytics: Person-Level Data Through Unified Measurement

The 3-Step Guide for Course Correcting Your Marketing Campaigns

A History of Marketing Analytics: The Digital Revolution

Tracking Online and Offline Media: Where Do You Stand Amongst Competition

Why Unified Omnichannel Attribution is Better Than Digital Multi-Touch Attribution

A History of Marketing Analytics: Before the Digital Takeover

New Research Shows Person-Level Data Measurement Critical for Marketers to Reach Their Key Objectives

From Persona to Person: Omnichannel Measurement for the Individual Consumer

The General® Recruits Marketing Evolution

How to Modernize Your Approach to Marketing Measurement

Unified Marketing Measurement as a Competitive Advantage

The Key Applications of Media Mix Optimization

When to Use Marketing Mix Models vs. Data Driven Attribution

5 Steps To Do Omnichannel Right

Reinventing Marketing Mix Modeling in the Age of Personalization

What Your Customers Expect from Your Omnichannel Strategy

How to Leverage Multi-Touch Attribution & Marketing Mix Modeling through UMM

Marketing Evolution Adds Chief Data Science and Analytics Officer to Leadership

Marketing Evolution Awarded Patent Recognition for Latest Innovation

Everything You Need to Know When Using an Omnichannel Attribution Strategy

The True Definition of Omni-Channel Marketing Attribution & Why It’s Important

3 Examples of Brands Who Changed Their Media Plan for Success

Marketing Analytics and the Changing Consumer Landscape

Can Marketers Really Measure Offline ROI?

The Pros and Cons of Marketing Mix Modeling for Enterprises

Cutting-Edge Technology or Outdated Modeling? 5 Questions You Need to Ask When Selecting a Measurement Vendor

5 Reasons Why Marketing Measurement Must Evolve

The 5 Biggest Lessons in Marketing Analytics from our Evolve Summit 2018

MEDIA ALERT: Marketing Evolution to Share “Top 5 Reasons Marketing Measurement Must Evolve” in July 12th Webinar

MarTech Series: Q&A with Marketing Evolution CEO, Rex Briggs

The Run Stage: Unlocking Marketing ROI with the ROI Brain®

The Secret to Reaching Your Audience? Re-Evaluate What You’re Paying For

Changing Your Approach to Marketing Mix Modeling to Achieve Better Results

3 Pillars Every Marketer Needs for Success in Their Marketing Analytics Software

Measuring The Wrong Data Is Costing Marketers Billions

How Regions Bank Used Unified Marketing Measurement to Unlock Higher ROI

Resources | Marketing Evolution

A Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Unlocking Marketing ROI: Walk Stage

Unlocking Higher Marketing ROI With Unified Measurement: A Step-by-Step Approach

Google’s DoubleClick Ad ID Change Presents Both Challenge And Opportunity For Attribution Vendors

It's A Customer's World But CMOs Must Lead The Experience

The Facts and Fictions of Marketing Attribution: The Path to Unlocking Higher ROI

Marketing Evolution Named a Q2 2018 Leader in Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions

Misattributions to Avoid: Cheap Inventory Bias

The Barista Effect: Stop Paying for Customers You Already Have

Misattributions to Avoid: Cookie-Based Measurement Systems

A Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Unlocking Marketing ROI: Crawl Stage

Allstate's Mobile Marketing Insight

Why Brands Need to Stop Relying on Expert Opinions

Informing Creative Agencies: How Our Data Analytics Platform Helps Drive Value

A Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Better Marketing ROI

Marketing Evolution Partners with Inscape

How to Win in a Competitive Marketplace

Marketing Evolution Adds Smart TV Data Through Partnership with Inscape

Marketing Evolution Partners with Inscape, Brings Powerful Layer of Insights

Marketing Evolution Adds Smart TV Data Through Partnership With Inscape

From Grains of Sand to Marketing Plans

Don't Outspend the Competition... Outsmart Them

Do Clicks Matter To Your Business?

Is Broad Reach the Key to Marketing ROI? – Part 2

Leading Retailer DSW Joins Hands with Marketing Evolution

DSW Selects Marketing Evolution to Improve Store Performance

Test & Learn

Demonstrating Potential Impact of Optimization on Shareholder Value

Footwear Retailer DSW To Work With Marketing Evolution

Shorter Video May be More Effective

Footwear Powerhouse DSW Selects Marketing Evolution

DSW Partners with Marketing Evolution on AI-Powered Personalization Strategy

Footwear Powerhouse DSW Selects Marketing Evolution

Is Broad Reach the Key to Marketing ROI? – Part 1

Finding Time to Find the Next Big Idea

Unlocking the Wisdom of Crowds at Your Agency or on Your Marketing Team

Marketing Evolution Announces Kristin Hambelton as its Chief Marketing Officer

Audience Discovery

Marketing Evolution Hires Enterprise Software Marketing Expert to Accelerate Growth

Marketing Evolution Announces $20.6 Million in Series B Funding

BRIEF-Marketing Evolution Announces $20.6 Million In Series B Funding

Marketing Evolution Pockets $20.6m in Series B Funding

Marketing Evolution Raises $20.6M in Series B Financing

Marketing Evolution Scores $20.6 Million In Funding

Attribution Buyers Guide: The Role of Agencies

MONICA: The Face of Marketing Evolution's ROI Brain

Marketing Evolution Raises $20.6 Million in Series B Funding

This AI Platform Raised $20.6M to be the Marketer Your Team Has Needed

Marketing Evolution Secures $20.6 Million in Series B Funding

Marketing Evolution Announces $20.6 Million in Series B Funding

Attribution Buyers Guide: A Roadmap for Change

Attribution Buyers Guide: The Need for a Holistic View of Marketing Performance

The Need for a Customer-Centric Perspective

Marketing Evolution Expands Footprint in Europe, Asia, and South America

Happy Holidays From Marketing Evolution

What Makes Us a Leader?

RTCMO Software Overview

The Why Behind the Buy

Test-and-Learn Steps For Agencies

Dashboard Introductions

Attribution Buyers Guide: Measuring the Power of Your Brand

What Makes Us Different

ROAR Award Winner: Famous Footwear

Attribution Buyers Guide: Measuring at the Person Level – Part Two

The Distribution of Knowledge

Attribution Buyers Guide: Measuring at the Person Level – Part One

Be Part of the Adventure

Agile Automotive Marketing & Measurement Webinar

Attribution Buyers Guide: Timeliness and the Need for Speed

ME Certification: Online or In-Person

SIRF's UP! Get Certified

The Future of AI

Marketing Attribution Models: How Did We Get Here? A History of Measurement

Experiment Better and Get More from Your Media Budget: Five Tips for Tests That Lead to Bottom Line Value

What's all this Buzz About?

How B.A.M. Affects Business

Attribution Buyers Guide: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

How to Avoid the “Agency Measurement Paradox” and Win Client Confidence

The Challenge of Measuring the Impact of Marketing

From Knowledge Worker to Insight Worker

Transparency in the Marketplace

The Wisdom of Crowds

Marketing Evolution Adds Enterprise Software Sales Expert to Board

Why Work With Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution Launches Partner Certification Program

10 Tools Helping Companies Manage Big Marketing Data

Marketing Evolution and PlaceIQ Partner to Deliver Increased Marketing Actionability Via Leading Location Data and Measurement Offerings

Marketing Evolution and PlaceIQ Partner to Deliver Marketing Actionability

I-COM Global Summit: The Transformation of Attribution

MONICA: The Face of Marketing Evolution's ROI Brain & Case Study

The World According To Sharp

Customer Feedback: Mark Greatrex At Cox Communications

Mobile: How it has Changed Attribution and Marketing Optimization

Digital Mirror Beta,  June 2017

Verification Update

Partners & Alliances Announcement, June 2017

Marketing Evolution Updates,  June 2017

Webinar: From Mix Models to Person-Level Measurement

5 Ways To Get Better ROI

Marketing Evolution Roundtable Highlight Reel

Who Pays for the ROI Brain?

The Ridiculous Disconnect (between Branding & Sales)

Marketing Evolution Launches European Office and Wins I-COM Attribution Award

Power to the People - An Omni-Channel Revolution

Inaccurate Attribution is….  Bad Attribution

Need for Speed

What’s Wrong with Attribution?

Marketing Evolution And Its Award-Winning CEO And Founder Rex Briggs

Marketing Evolution Raises $4 Million 'Series A' to Accelerate its Leadership in AI Based Marketing Measurement and Optimization

Morpace and Marketing Evolution Announce Global Automotive Partnership

Connection of Brand Attitude to Consumers Behavioral Data

How is Marketing Evolution Different?

ADMAP: 6 ways to improve Marketing ROI Measurement

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Tips to Organize Marketing & Agency for In‑Campaign Optimization

3 Tips to Organize Marketing & Agency for In‑Campaign Optimization

Combining Data: What You Need To Know

ROI Brain™

Customer Testimonials

2016 ARF Ogilvy Gold Award Winner: BIG Data - Warner Brothers powered by Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution Roadmap: What's New, What's Next

Geo-Fencing with Person-Level Data: A Use Case

Flaws in Attribution Are Costing the Industry Billions in Profits - 5 Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid

Mobile in the Mix

How the Graph Schema Works

Chattem Wins Real-Time Optimization And ROI Increase (ROAR) Award

From Science Fiction to Science Fact

[INFOGRAPHIC] Make Love, Not War - Part 2

[INFOGRAPHIC] Make Love, Not War - Part 1

How To Know Who is Exposed To Which Messages

Customer Testimonials


The Age of the Customer: It’s Your Customer’s World – You Just Live In It!

Big Data, Automation & Programmatic: Marketers and Media Owners Collaborate like a Supply Chain

Agile Innovation Structure

Marketing Evolution Solidifies Leadership in Cross-Media Analytics, Media Technology Advancements & Software

Out-of-Home Industry's Programmatic Breakthrough

Marketing Evolution forms Strategic Partnership with LiveRamp

James Riley, Great Southern Wood

Marketing Evolution Announces Strategic Partnership with LiveRamp

Monica: Optimization Algorithm Whitepaper


MONICA Algorithm


How Marketing Budgets Should be Re-Allocated to Optimize Mobile

Boost your Mobile ROI with 4 Quick-Wins

Marketing ROI on the Apple Watch

Valuable Lessons Marketers Can Learn From a Top Gun Commander

4 Ingredients to Help You Win in the Shifting in Marketing Landscape

Balance Between Algorithms & Human Judgment

Trends and Window of Opportunity in the Shifting Marketing Landscape

SMOX: Making Marketing Work Harder with Mobile


SIRFs-UP by Rex briggs

What Sticks by Rex Briggs

Mission Control Dashboard

Best Practice Engine & Library

ROI Brain in Practice: Automotive Client Example

Marketing Calendar, Digital Asset Management with Meta Data

Impact Based Planning Software

Bring Granularity, Leverage and Flexibility into TV Buying

Cox Residential Earns Award of Real-Time Optimization and ROI Increase

Marketing Superstars: Michele Elrod, Regions Financial

Knowledge is Power

2 Overlooked Tips to Boost Your Holiday Campaign ROI

Marketing Superstars: Joe Hoholick, Amgen

Optimize Your Budget Across Campaigns

National + Local Media Optimization

4 Tips to Promote Disciplined Innovation

From the President: Marketing Evolution Innovation | Interview with John Matthews

How to Reach Your Strategic Target — Minimum Composition Index

Granular Mobile Optimizations

The ROI Brain Remembers

Mobile’s Impact on the Marketing Mix

Greg Stuart, Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile Marketing ROI

Smart Mobile Cross Media Effectiveness (SMoX) Presentation

Breaking Tradition

The Power of Real Time, Cross Media Monitoring and Optimization

5 Tips For Launching A Successful Brand Campaign

How to Best Optimize your Media Plan Across Your Brand

How to Optimize Search Based on a Complete Cross-Media View of Marketing ROI

TED Talk

5 Ways to Improve ROI from Cross Media Allocation

New News is Best in Super Bowl

How Marketing Evolution Delivers In-Campaign ROI Improvements

ROI Brain™ Best Practices

Evaluating Programmatic Buying Tactics in Your ROI Analysis

ROI Brain™ Mid-Campaign Optimization

Corporate Executive Board Webinar: MTV Networks Case Study

Compare Your Media Mix in 15 Minutes

Webinar: 5 Ways to Improve ROI From Cross Media Allocation

Marketing Superstars: How They Did It – Cox Communications

Using the Compare Feature to Check Your Agency's Recommended Mix

ROI Brain™ Best Practices

Ultra-Deep Dive Into Facebook ROI Analysis

Marketing Evolution on CNN

Mobile Advertising ROI: Breakthrough Insights