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Unified measurement that brings you closer to your customers--and your growth goals.

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Navigating a growing number of media channels, disparate datasets, shifting consumer habits, and changing privacy laws is enough to overwhelm even the most organized among us.

So don't just drown in data--take action. Marketing Evolution empowers you to manage your media strategy from end to end, helping you measure your past results, gather real time insights, and optimize your future buys so you can have more wins.

The secret is in our Mevo platform. It utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform aggregate data into user-level journeys, without the need for  first party data, site tagging, clean rooms--you get the idea. 

It’s not a crystal ball, but it’s not far off either. 

Think of us as your friendly marketing robot–here to help you slay your growth goals.

Here’s how it works

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Connect and ingest media data and KPIs

We work with you to securely bring together all your marketing data, without the need for site tags, and define target KPIs to track against.

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Use AI & ML to predict exposure

Our prediction machines fill in gaps in the data to more accurately predict when, how, and where individuals are exposed to a particular piece of media.

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Understand the incremental impact of media

See how media works together to achieve your desired KPIs, understand the customer journey, uncover what's working, and what isn't.

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Run what-if scenarios

Optimize your media plan with our Scenario Planner, using your media data and our state of the art optimization engine to maximize ROI.

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Understand the “why”

Validate Scenario Planner recommendations with insights from Mevo so you can feel confident before making changes in the real world.

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Learn by doing

Implement your experiment, track your results, and drive your growth goals forward with a strategic, data-driven plan that maintains your budget while exceeding your KPI goals.