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At Marketing Evolution, we believe the world would be a better place if marketers had the tools to be more connected with their customers and prospects.

It may seem like a paradox, but technology provides marketers with the means to be more human – for brands to be more alive.

Being truly connected these days requires data, software and a critical ingredient – a brain. The ROI Brain® is the means by which we recognize consumers and what's important to them. The ROI Brain® is the means by which we remember a customer’s birthday, their favorite color and the best time to remind them to purchase from us again. The ROI Brain® is the means by which we make decisions about who to talk with, with which offers, in which media and at which price. It is the means by which marketers optimize investments.

Most marketers understand this paradox of technology bringing more relevance and humanity to marketing. Marketing Evolution exists to provide the analytic technology to help marketers succeed.


Marketing Evolution Named a Q2 2018 Leader in Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions

Marketing Evolution Named "A Leader" in Forrester Wave™ Report

Forrester has named Marketing Evolution as a Leader in "The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2018 ," and found that "Marketing Evolution is a real fit for firms looking to build a people-based marketing strategy and willing to embrace new measurement techniques."

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Our Measure of Success Is Your Success

To help you succeed, we leverage our industry-leading technologies, methodologies, processes, data, insights and people as the driving force to improving marketing ROI.

We aspire, as a company and as individuals, to be viewed as trusted advisors and true partners in helping you achieve personal and business success. We endeavor to have every employee understand how he or she is connected to the customer in delivering this success. We aim to deliver the highest standards of quality, integrity and fairness in everything we do.

Our software and systems are a reflection of our people. It is our people that set us apart. We are as data and analysis-oriented in improving our own business as we are in helping our customers with their businesses. We turn a critical eye at our deliverables and processes to find new avenues for improvement. We then take ownership of changing the system as our way of building a stronger company. 

Meet the team

Meet Marketing Evolution’s Leadership Team

Our software and systems are a reflection of our people. It is our people that set us apart. Our team brings together a vast array of experience from a variety of industries – the perfect mix of skills and disciplines. We develop industry-leading technology for data analysis and ROI management. We personally gain gratification seeing our customers use our technology to succeed. We love to help you leverage our software for maximum benefit for your business.

    Board Members
  • headshot10.png

    Rex Briggs

    Founder & CEO
    Marketing Evolution

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  • Mark Gorenberg

    Mark Gorenberg

    Managing Director
    Zetta Venture Partners

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  • Jeff Horing

    Jeff Horing

    Managing Director
    Insight Venture Partners

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  • Chris McClain

    Chris McClain

    Board Member
    Marketing Evolution

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  • lindsay-luger

    Lindsay Luger

    Partner, Energy Impact Partners

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    Team Members
  • Rex Briggs

    Rex Briggs

    Founder & CEO

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  • John Matthews

    John Matthews Czuj


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  • headshot10.png

    Shane Desrochers

    Chief Revenue Officer

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  • Kristin Hambelton

    Kristin Hambelton

    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Rajinita Haumschilt

    Rajinita Haumschilt

    Vice President of Finance

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  • Michael Lavoie

    Michael Lavoie

    Chief Customer Officer

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  • Mary Loeffler

    Mary Loeffler

    SVP, Head of Talent

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A Culture of Charitable Giving

Marketing Evolution has had a long history of giving to charitable organizations.  The initial spark was an employee collecting gifts for families in need around the holidays.

Since then, Marketing Evolution’s founder and team members have contributed significant time and resources to various worthy causes.  The concentration of our giving is focused on supporting families in our communities to pursue education, and other educational-related initiatives.

Marketing Evolution also involves our customers in a variety of ways as part of our philanthropic program.  We provide charitable gift cards to any customers that participate in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) program, so that they may give to charities of their choice.  Additionally, we ask our customers for input and feedback on where to direct our charitable resources, both time and money.  As part of our Annual Evolve Summit we ask our customers to vote on the organizations they feel are most worthy of our giving.

Some of the organizations that we are proud to support:

-   Discovery Museum (teaching kids to code)
-   Stand Up for Children
-   Family food bank and coat drive in Sacramento
-   Gary Tompkins Scholarship
-   DonorsChoose (classroom support)
-   Adopt a Family (for Christmas)
-   UNR (Computer Science, Engineering, and Business)
-   Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (College of Business)
-   The Children’s Cabinet (continuing education program)
-   Sage Ridge (scholarship tuition) 
-   University of Nevada (scholarship tuition)