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How Offline and Online Media Can Work Together to Reach ROI Objectives

Truly effective advertising is no easy task. But getting both message and media mix right can transform ROI. This means leveraging offline and online media to create a cohesive strategy that gets your brand message in front of consumers at multiple t...

Why Media Mix Optimization is Necessary in Modern Marketing

Media mix optimization (MMO) is a dynamic approach to quantitative marketing measurement, planning and campaign enhancement across a range of media used to engage consumers. The goal of MMO is to maximize media effectiveness and consumer engagement t...

Achieving Unified Measurement Success: 5 Necessary Metrics to Incorporate

No single attribution measurement or model can provide enough insight for marketers to meet consumer demands across today’s omnichannel landscape.  

The Role of Marketing Analytics in Identifying Creative Needs

We've all heard the pop psychology theory that classifies people as either left-brained or right-brained. Indeed, it is true that the left side of the brain controls analytics, logic and language, and the right controls creativity and visual comprehe...

Agency Holding Companies Need A Brave New Business Model

The CMO/agency relationship is at risk. Brands are turning to in-house agencies; company growth agendas bring in CIOs and other business stakeholders; ad budgets face constant pressure; and consultancies are swooping in to take high-margin experience...

Mastering The Art Of Omnichannel Retailing

Digital business leaders know that many customers today use a variety of digital and physical touchpoints as they move along the path to purchase. This complexity creates challenges for retailers as they implement new strategies and tactics to meet t...

Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Measurement

Today’s increasingly complex media environment means once-reliable marketing performance measurement techniques, such as marketing mix and attribution models, fail to properly credit marketing tactics with a customer action or influence. B2C marketer...

3 Traits of the Most Successful Online and Offline Media Campaigns of 2018

With so many channels and opportunities to reach consumers, smart marketers are rising to the challenge, finding new and exciting ways to grab fleeting consumer attention.  

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