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Top 4 Features That Contribute to a Positive Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) plays a pivotal role in retaining consumer attention through the nurturing process, leading the way toward conversion. Given that 55 percent of customers agree they wouldn’t mind paying extra if good customer experience was g...

The Current State of Marketing Measurement & Optimization by Forrester

Marketing measurement is evolving. For marketers looking to keep up while meeting the demand of consumers, they need to shift toward active, in-campaign analytics. Learn why in this evaluation of person-level marketing data and adoption.

The Present and Future of Marketing Analytics: Person-Level Data Through Unified Measurement

In the past two posts of this three-part series, we’ve explored the history of marketing analytics, diving into the marketing landscape before and after the digital revolution. We have seen that the capabilities of marketers throughout the years have...

The 3-Step Guide for Course Correcting Your Marketing Campaigns

In order to be successful today, marketing teams need to combine data and foresight to course correct active campaigns, a process also referred to as in-campaign optimizations, across the entire marketing mix.

A History of Marketing Analytics: The Digital Revolution

As we explored in our first post in this series on the history of marketing analytics, marketing in one form or another has been around for centuries. However, the need to base marketing efforts on actionable data is a comparatively new phenomenon, b...

Tracking Online and Offline Media: Where Do You Stand Amongst Competition

Across industries, marketing professionals are leveraging a wider marketing mix that includes digital, print, and broadcast advertising. The benefit of such an extended marketing reach is that brands have more opportunity to engage with consumers acr...

Why Unified Omnichannel Attribution is Better Than Digital Multi-Touch Attribution

Consumers today hold the advertisements they engage with to a higher standard than ever before. Given the massive amount of advertising vying for their attention across online and offline channels, consumers now ignore messages that don't immediately...

A History of Marketing Analytics: Before the Digital Takeover

The philosophy behind marketing products or services to consumers has been around for centuries. Since the introduction of the printing press in the 1400’s solidified our ability to communicate on a mass scale, businesses have been targeting consumer...

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