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Why Marketing Analytics Software Must Be a Budget Priority to Achieve Goals

When it comes to deciding where to devote manpower and resources, today’s marketers are in a complicated place. They are challenged to meet changing consumer demands with ads that cut through the noise in a personalized way, in addition to meeting th...

Retail's Hottest Trends in 2019: What Marketers Need to Know

In 2019, future media moguls and emerging technologies will influence the way consumers interact with their favorite brands and how goods are consumed. Now, is the time to keep up with consumer preferences and marketing changes. Join Marketing Evolut...

Marketers Descend Upon the Houses of Parliament to Discuss Industry Trends

Our Observations and Roundtable discussion on Friday, February 15th was an evening for the UK Marketing Evolution Team to dress up and enjoy some great British pomp and ceremony.

Confirm the Integrity of Your Data

Never before has there been a greater need for a reliable, holistic marketing measurement tool. In a world of fractured media and consumer interest, intense competitive pressure, and lightening-speed product innovation, the sheer volume of data that ...

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your MarTech Stack

Marketing technology tools have changed how marketers create and run online campaigns. Without data and analytics for research and measurements, many digital marketing efforts would be a shot in the dark. For modern campaigns, there are many tools av...

Marketing Evolution Unveils Online Certification Programs for Marketers, Developed with Leading Marketing Academics

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Marketing Evolution, provider of the most modern marketing measurement and optimization solution, is working with leading universities to develop certification courses for users and students alike.

How Marketing Intelligence is Enhancing Customer Experience

Marketers can now use data like never before: it not only gives insight into the target audience but also enables marketers to create a better user experience and deliver the instant customer service that today’s consumers demand.

Despite a Plethora of Data, Marketers Are Still Not Utilizing It to Its Full Potential

In today’s business economy and at almost every company, there is no shortage of data. Savvy professionals and teams are collecting data about their marketing performance, customer behavior, sales funnel and competition. Unfortunately, for many compa...

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