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The Current State of Marketing Measurement & Optimization

Join Marketing Evolution’s Andy Cheong and guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Jim Nail as they discuss the Current State of Marketing Measurement and Optimization. This webinar explores why organizations recognize the need to master customer data at th...

How to Modernize Your Approach to Marketing Measurement

Join Marketing Evolution’s Jason Palleschi and Team One’s Jennifer Bolt, as they discuss how marketers can gain the upper-hand amid today’s increasingly competitive and fragmented media landscape. They’ll explore how marketers can update their approa...

Unified Marketing Measurement as a Competitive Advantage

The proliferation of devices and channels has made the consumer purchase path increasingly complex and difficult to measure.  However, only a minority of marketers today use advanced marketing performance techniques, including Unified Marketing Measu...

5 Reasons Why Marketing Measurement Must Evolve

While we may secretly pine for a simpler time the reality is that today’s marketplace is extremely complicated and moves at a frenetic pace. Most brands face increased competition and there are literally thousands of distractions to consumer attentio...

The Facts and Fictions of Marketing Attribution: The Path to Unlocking Higher ROI

In a world of fragmented media and consumer attention, marketers are increasingly relying on data-driven decision-making to give them a competitive advantage. Marketers know that they have mastered data-driven decision making, but finding the right t...

Agile Automotive Marketing & Measurement Webinar

As consumers spend an average of 6 months contemplating their next auto purchase, traditional marketing measurement strategies for automotive marketers has been to measure each phase of the marketing funnel using separate technologies and survey meth...

Webinar: From Mix Models to Person-Level Measurement

Join renowned author, attribution expert, and CEO of Marketing Evolution Rex Briggs for this Masterclass interview with Mike Eichorst, former SVP of Insights for Citibank, TIAA-CREF, and CHASE.

How the Graph Schema Works

The Graph Schema allows Marketing Evolution to easily handle partial information and evolve as new types of data become available. 

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