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Agency Holding Companies Need A Brave New Business Model

The CMO/agency relationship is at risk. Brands are turning to in-house agencies; company growth agendas bring in CIOs and other business stakeholders; ad budgets face constant pressure; and consultancies are swooping in to take high-margin experience...

Mastering The Art Of Omnichannel Retailing

Digital business leaders know that many customers today use a variety of digital and physical touchpoints as they move along the path to purchase. This complexity creates challenges for retailers as they implement new strategies and tactics to meet t...

Customer-Obsessed Marketing Demands Unified Measurement

Today’s increasingly complex media environment means once-reliable marketing performance measurement techniques, such as marketing mix and attribution models, fail to properly credit marketing tactics with a customer action or influence. B2C marketer...

Waste in Advertising: Stats and Solutions of Misattribution

The waste in advertising is an epidemic that negatively impacts both brands and consumers. Google found more than 56% of ad impressions are never seen by consumers, and Proxima estimates $37 billion of worldwide marketing budgets are being wasted on ...

The Future of Marketing Intelligence in Retail

The future of retail marketing intelligence is closely intertwined with an evolving customer journey transformed by technology. More connected and empowered than ever before, today’s consumers demand experiences that are relevant, real-time, and seam...

The Current State of Marketing Measurement & Optimization by Forrester

Marketing measurement is evolving. For marketers looking to keep up while meeting the demand of consumers, they need to shift toward active, in-campaign analytics. Learn why in this evaluation of person-level marketing data and adoption.

The 3-Step Guide for Course Correcting Your Marketing Campaigns

In order to be successful today, marketing teams need to combine data and foresight to course correct active campaigns, a process also referred to as in-campaign optimizations, across the entire marketing mix.

Demonstrating Potential Impact of Optimization on Shareholder Value

For many marketers, the consideration of corporate finance, company valuation, and shareholder value, are probably peripheral at best. Marketers may be driven more by marketing performance metrics, like web traffic, click-through rates, or CPMs, or b...

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