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How Offline and Online Media Can Work Together to Reach ROI Objectives

Truly effective advertising is no easy task. But getting both message and media mix right can transform ROI. This means leveraging offline and online media to create a cohesive strategy that gets your brand message in front of consumers at multiple t...

Marketers: How To Trust Your Data Again

Data is foundational for businesses, and this is especially true in marketing. When collected and measured effectively, data can be credited for increased return on investment (ROI) and authentic brand loyalty. But the opposite holds true as well. Wh...

A Marketer’s Dilemma: Overcoming the Challenges of the Data Disconnect

Few businesses can thrive without using their data effectively these days — and in marketing, data is particularly foundational. Despite its importance, that doesn’t mean the process of gathering and using this information is easy or simple (few thin...

Are your marketing efforts hurting sales? The need for a consistent view of the consumer journey

Around the world, marketing professionals working with brands large and small are facing a problem.

5 Ways to Hack Higher Marketing ROI

We often talk about marketing ROI, or the return on investment in advertising, as if it is a fixed and immutable number.

Marketing Evolution Awarded Patent Recognition for Latest Innovation

Leading provider of marketing analytics and attribution, Marketing Evolution, announced it was recently awarded a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent, US Patent No. 10,032,121, recognizes the development of techno...

Marketing Evolution Names Chief Data Science Officer

In New York, marketing measurement and optimization specialist Marketing Evolution has appointed Michael Cohen as SVP, Chief Data Science and Analytics Officer. Marketing Evolution uses patented artificial intelligence (AI) and billions of data point...

Omnichannel Attribution Conquers the Marketing Channel Hydra

Many marketers today are fighting an ever more complicated battle against an array of marketing channels that closely resemble the Lernaean Hydra. Conquer one channel and three new ones emerge.

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