For performance marketing agencies, consulting firms, and major tech companies committed to aggregating accurate, actionable data and attribution insights for either their clients or their own use, the main roadblock has long been one of two things: lack of scalability or lack of technology.

Many mid-sized and smaller independent firms don’t have the staff or budget they need in today's dynamic media environment to serve customer needs around data and privacy-compliant person-level marketing insights. More and more brand marketers are demanding these capabilities in order to be able to focus on scaling their MarTech capabilities, including attribution and media mix optimization

However, many organizations don’t have the bandwidth to provide these capabilities to their marketers. This expertise gap leaves them and their teams behind in terms of the accuracy and decision-making speed they can provide to clients. 

Larger firms, such as major tech companies, may have the personnel or scalability but lack deep domain expertise and face competition from other company priorities to allocate the dedicated resources required to build best-in-class data aggregation, analytics, and attribution tools. 

Though the problems may be different across industries and company sizes, the solution is the same: creating the flexibility to separate out advanced technology tools from services to empower marketing professionals to concentrate on marketing decisioning instead of investing time and competing resources on analysis and generating insights. 

While marketing analytic offerings have historically been rooted in having data scientists, modeling experts, and relevant professional services to develop expensive and hard-to-scale 'custom'  approaches which are difficult to scale, that’s all about to change. 

Marketing Evolution is revolutionizing third-party unbiased media optimization by de-coupling technology from expensive long-term professional services commitments to bring marketers more flexibility. Below, we’ll explore some of the key ways in which Marketing Evolution’s optimization and decisioning tools are opening whole new worlds of opportunity for marketers of all stripes. 

How Marketing Evolution Revolutionizes Attribution and Data Aggregation

The particular corner of MarTech in which Marketing Evolution excels most, data aggregation and unified marketing measurement, often serves as an “accountability engine” to help marketers get the most out of their ad spend and marketing campaign strategies. Historically, the solutions offered to marketers in this area have been mostly about tech-enabled services - heavy on the “services” aspect. 

While this approach may have worked for marketers in the past, the problem for many companies today is that this model is too costly and unwieldy. 

Brands who can afford a budget of $1M or more for each engagement with a data consultant may be less affected, but smaller companies searching for a solution to bring accurate and quickly-actionable data to their clients are often priced out of the market for these tech-enabled services due to cost and speed issues. 

Instead, more agile up-and-comers to the market need the mighty data aggregation and analysis power of a big professional services firm without the long timelines and steep costs often associated with them. 

This is where the flexible, adaptable “SaaS-type” features of Marketing Evolution’s data analysis and optimization tools come into play. 

How Marketing Evolution is Changing the Overall Marketing Landscape

Marketing Evolution has completed its journey to becoming a true SaaS and tech company. Along the way, an important realization dawned. Namely, it’s more efficient for marketers to partner with a variety of data and media-related experts to leverage a technology that’s able to generate the most granular media placement optimization recommendations ever made available across all online and offline media channels, as opposed to previous methods.

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Marketers can decide if they want to build such decisioning expertise in-house or if they prefer to partner with specific sorts of outside experts. Performance marketing agencies, consultancies, and marketing analytic practices can more quickly scale revenue-producing services around such exciting technology when compared to the traditional approach of hiring professional services providers to tackle the job. 

Many other competitors in this space are integrated by necessity and can’t separate people from products, relying mainly on personnel and consultants to aggregate, analyze, and act on marketing data. This ultimately leaves these firms light on the “tech” aspect of their data capabilities and left at the mercy of their large numbers of staff to interpret and strategize with those data sets. Marketing Evolution, on the other hand, is a truly standalone product leveraging machine learning and true SaaS tech with the ability to mix and match with many different partners without necessarily requiring increased staff.

This allows even smaller companies to combine Marketing Evolution’s MarTech solutions with their own favorite tools and limited personnel numbers without sacrificing effectiveness, a feature that has previously been only a pipe dream for other powerful data analysis and optimization solutions. Marketing Evolution occupies a unique corner of the market with this combination of flexibility and raw analysis capability, leveraging powerful, structured data sets with a customizable tech-based solution that can be integrated into an existing firm’s tech stack.

This benefits marketers by eliminating the dependency on long-term bundled services and creating the flexibility to bring in analytics and consulting specific to their changing needs only when needed. In addition, this solution offers marketing analytics and media planning experts cost-effective, scalable software to handle routine or repeatable tasks. This allows them to build on their core abilities to provide customers with decisioning guidance on optimizing ROAS and offer more advanced analytics services. 

Marketing Challenges and Costs Marketing Evolution Alleviates 

Marketers historically relying on the “light on tech, heavy on services” model of data aggregation and unified measurement have generally had a hard time combining online, offline, outdoor, and other data effectively in order to create a complete attribution and analysis picture. This lack of a transparent picture and the need for copious hours of work to organize it all contribute to high overhead and personnel costs and slower time-to-market for any new marketing strategy, as data and insights are often being essentially aggregated by hand. 

Having a “SaaS model,” on the other hand, allows marketers to start with a real platform that can be built around and that is flexible for different sizes of organizations with disparate staffing structures. Larger firms that have their own staff can continue to leverage their “personnel power” to manage their data sets and processes, albeit in a much more transparent, unified, and clear way, and smaller firms can take advantage of powerful analysis and decisioning tools previously only available at scale without needing to hire or retrain staff in order to manage them. 


This leaves room for firms of all sizes to choose how involved they want to be with their data, either completely responsible for the process from start to finish or only viewing the end result, with a full suite of in-house staff managing it or with only one or two stakeholders, and with accurate, actionable data insights delivered quickly in every case. 

What Industries Can Benefit Most from Marketing Evolution’s Solutions?

While the range of companies and marketing scenarios Marketing Evolution’s tools benefit is almost unlimited, there are three main categories of companies that are especially well-suited to taking advantage of this flexible approach to unified measurement and data analysis. 

The modern marketing ecosystem is forever changed now that sophisticated AI/ML tech, like that leveraged by Marketing Evolution, is available to actually perform prescriptive analytics.

For performance marketing agencies, tech companies, and systems integrators or consultants, the days of hiring an entire team of data scientists to build custom analytics models and projections are over. Instead, now that the expertise can be decoupled from the expert, powerful predictive analytics and decision support are available to do the job of a whole group of elite data scientists.  

Performance Marketing Agencies

Marketing Evolution is pioneering the way for unbiased media optimization tools to be leveraged by expert performance marketing agencies and consultancies to build out advanced analytic practices while also offering marketers the ability to leverage exactly the tools they need in a plug n' play fashion when needed. 

Those that are tired of trying to build this kind of capable, affordable solution themselves can use Marketing Evolution’s white-label tech to rapidly improve, show the value of, and scale their analysis and optimization services faster and more easily than ever. 

This gives agencies the freedom to reallocate their data scientists and tech teams to be able to provide additional capabilities to their customers on top of the original software offerings and generate additional revenue, giving them a valuable point of differentiation in the marketplace.

As the only player in the marketing attribution or unified measurement space leveraging the capabilities of this flexible SaaS model, Marketing Evolution is poised to become an all-in-one solution for a nearly unheard-of range of firms and marketing teams. 

Major Tech Companies

This category, led by SalesForce and Amazon, has long been in need of a “prediction and description engine” to show what’s next for their marketing trends and customer needs, not just what has happened in the past. This is a weak point of many traditional marketing systems and approaches, as they focus solely on analysis and recapping after the fact rather than truly leveraging those insights to create better results in the future. 

As specialists in well-defined niches, tech companies tend to prefer to partner with expert tech applications designed to address specific marketing needs and gaps rather than working with generalists with a broad understanding of their industry at large, as so often happens when engaging professional services firms. This creates a need - and now a solution, through Marketing Evolution’s predictive analysis and dataset capabilities - for a tool that can be as specialized in their corner of the market as they are. 

System Integrators and Consultants

These agencies, traditionally valuing the ability to hand-pick the solutions they both use themselves and offer to their clients, can choose which parts of the Marketing Evolution tech stack they want to use, from raw data aggregation to end analysis and everything in between. Leveraging the option to draw from an available ecosystem of expertise that they can “plug n' play” where and when needed, system integrators and consultants can now expand their expertise for new applications by leveraging gigantic datasets along the way.

In addition, system integrators and consultants can white-label Marketing Evolution’s tools and solutions and resell them to allow their clients to build a custom solution that best fits their needs.

This allows these companies to maintain their traditional model of doing business while upgrading their attribution and analysis capabilities for their clients, ensuring that they can continue to adapt and thrive in the modern age of marketing without completely reinventing their wheel. 

How Modern Marketers Can Take Advantage of Tech-Based Solutions 

Tap into an ecosystem of expertise instead of being committed to long-term costly professional-services contracts for media optimization and planning. Rather than relying solely on internal talent, siloed expertise, and costly outside professional services to streamline and automate data aggregation and attribution, modern marketers can now shift the focus from “WHO can do this for me?” to “WHAT solution can take care of this for me?” opening up a whole new world of possibilities. 

All marketers need expertise and insights to accurately plan and action their optimization, media mix planning, reporting, and analysis processes. The Google search volume for these terms alone bears out the fact that companies and agencies of all sizes know they need guidance to streamline and maximize these processes. 


But while the need may be the same, the solution is now different. Inbound/outbound marketing agencies are shifting their focus from being a fully-integrated “agency of record” of past days to being lean, agile service providers leveraging automation to reduce personnel costs and overhead while improving service levels. 

This is where Marketing Evolution’s SaaS-type solutions come into play. Through ever more powerful MarTech solutions for motivated marketers in every industry, Marketing Evolution is serving, elevating, and empowering marketers that want a new model of working rather than settling for the old “legacy” model. 

It's Time to Rethink the Marketing Analytics Ecosystem

Choosing the right data-driven decisioning tools to move your clients’ marketing strategies forward into the future is crucial. Now that marketers have the ability to separate tech from professional services in their approach to analysis and optimization, it's time to rethink and redesign how to execute media measurement and optimization. For reliable, accurate insights that inform valuable strategic decisions, you need an all-in-one solution like Marketing Evolution

Our array of cutting-edge person-level marketing data solutions, such as Mevo, our signature SaaS platform for planning, measurement, reporting, and insights, provides your team with the up-to-date intelligence it needs to make informed decisions quickly and at scale. Request a demo today and discover how Marketing Evolution can revolutionize your marketing.