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Customer-Centric Measurement in the Era of Privacy, Regulation & Security

Last updated: April 8, 2020

Marketing Evolution was recently invited to attend the ANA Masters of Data and Technology Conference in Orlando, FL. This exclusive event presented an ideal opportunity to bring together leading industry experts from across the country to discuss, both onstage and off,  the latest trends and tribulations facing marketing professionals. 

Eager to share his own take on the latest developments in marketing, our Chief Data and Technology Officer Dr. Michael Cohen kicked off the event with Customer-Centric Measurement in the Era of Privacy, Regulation, & Security to a room full of engaged marketers. Dr. Cohen offered his technical expertise to assist in preparing marketing professionals for the future of attribution, amid new legislative proposals and policies. Find Dr. Cohen’s discourse in its entirety below: 

Brief Recap: 

Dr. Cohen opened by exploring the meaning of consumer centricity as it pertains to marketing measurement and how the relevance of this key ideology is altered, if at all, by the new obstacles that marketers continue to face. He discussed what forms a consumer-centric view, with key mention of reach and frequency and their importance in determining the true impact of marketers’ media, whether accurate, overestimated or underestimated. 

After establishing this foundation, Dr. Cohen focused his attention on the new challenges confronting modern marketers, including regulations surrounding price discrimination and information manipulation. Through careful consideration of all relevant policies, Dr. Cohen differentiated between measurement and targeting. This distinction is a necessary one that offers greater insight into the true impact on consumer centricity in the constantly evolving marketing landscape. 

With four strategic approaches to security concerns, Dr. Cohen confirmed that consumer-centric marketing measurement is neither dead nor is it at odds with privacy preservation. 

All marketers are and will continue to be impacted by ongoing legislative changes. Ignoring consumer theory and shifts in the marketing environment will only result in inaccurate measurement and wasted media spend. 

For specific solutions to privacy concerns and proposed legislation, please enjoy our recent webinar The Future of Attribution Beyond Cookie-Based Advertising.

Written by Emily Sankar