The State of Marketing Attribution and Transparency in 2022

As marketing attribution and optimization expert Rudy Grahn says, “Measurement is in almost everybody’s job description right now, but it’s in almost nobody’s job title”. 

Modern marketers see it every day: the gap between online and offline, paid media and organic, their team and the next team. While they all have goals and deliverables that benefit the whole organization, they’re still ultimately marching alone. By not working, measuring, and optimizing together, they’re giving their companies and clients largely suboptimal results.

A staunch advocate of “holistic marketing campaign management," Rudy believes in a more unified approach to multi-channel marketing, one that encourages both accountability and transparency across all channels of a marketing strategy. 

With enough transparency and some staunch change management skills, he asserts, any organization can sidestep the tangle of dead-end data measurement programs and siloed, squabbling marketing channels to create a streamlined marketing process from analysis to activation.

But how can busy marketing professionals take those flashy terms and reams of data off the page and turn them into actionable game plans for 2023? Rudy Grahn, Measurement and Attribution Global Strategy Lead at Prohaska Consulting, and John Matthews, President and COO of Marketing Evolution dive into how to make that happen in this insightful video. 



“You let the data tell you where the value came from, and you reward the things that work, and you don’t reward the things that don’t work.” 

This, according to Rudy, is the essence of successful marketing attribution in the modern age, where machine learning and human intelligence increasingly work hand-in-hand to create streamlined marketing solutions. 

But some marketers feel a little more strong-armed than they do hand-held by their automated data-crunching tools, secretly feeling they’ll be rendered obsolete by a technological field growing by leaps and bounds. 

“I think everyone can see that the role of algorithms in decision-making is going to be growing - but I don’t want to overcorrect that direction either.” 

Rudy sets out to soothe the frayed nerves of marketers everywhere in this absorbing video, laying out his views on the symbiotic relationship between human and machine in today’s marketing landscape- and how transparency can make the adoption of marketing attribution and optimization platforms more like a meeting of minds than a battle of wits. 

Instead of proposing that all marketing decisions be eventually turned over to automation and AI, something many marketers, no matter how savvy, tend to view as the bogeyman coming for their jobs, Rudy proposes a different approach.

“There are some decisions that, in my opinion, should be human-led from soup to nuts, and there are some decisions that should be algorithm-led from soup to nuts, but I believe most of them are somewhere in between.”

He explains that “Algorithms see patterns people don’t”, and as we all know, are physically capable of sifting through mountains of data that would quickly overwhelm even the most brilliant human minds. 

This principle goes the other way, too, when humans provide bottom-line-bolstering value which algorithms and AI struggle to duplicate.

“Relationships are also a huge source of ROI. Human know-how is also a huge source of ROI.” 

So how do successful marketing teams combine the two? 

Where’s the happy middle ground between turning over a marketing strategy to the powerful analysis and decisioning capabilities of MarTech, despite human objections, and sticking with “what we’ve always done” to avoid rocking your team’s boat? 

Transparency - complete and total transparency. 

The magic piece to the puzzle is actually rather mundane - involving every member of the marketing team, from every channel and level, in the process of implementing, updating, and understanding the insights gleaned from any automated attribution solution. 

While there’s obviously more to the puzzle than a simple urging to “Just get along” for marketers eager to take on new tech but a bit leery of the new and possibly better, as this in-depth video shows, Rudy passionately advocates for the power of understanding as a bridge-builder between the dual stakeholders of human and machine.

After all, as humans, we have a tendency to fear what we don’t know, as history aptly indicates. 

It makes sense, then, that involving the whole team in the process of leveling up your marketing analysis, attribution and optimization could really be just as simple as increasing transparency and inviting understanding. 

But don’t take our word for it - check out this timely video and see for yourself!

If you’re fired up about taking your marketing strategies to the next level and ready to take steps toward a unified approach to marketing attribution and optimization, Marketing Evolution is ready to help you make it happen. Check out Marketing Evolution’s unique approach to optimizing data collection and analysis for marketing campaigns today.