Wondering if Marketing Evolution is a Good Fit? Answer These 4 Questions.

Reviewing and purchasing marketing technology software isn’t a walk in the park, especially when it comes to finding a marketing analytics platform. It’s difficult to compare two solutions side-by-side, as their underlying framework is usually “black-box”. To make matters worse, your most trusted sources of information are either disgruntled customer reviews or sales representatives who will stretch the truth to hear a “yes.”

Transparency is a huge issue in this industry, and it’s led to understandable skepticism from marketers. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best marketing analytics platform for your business, we’re here to give you a breath of fresh air.

In this post, we’re going to outline exactly what sets Marketing Evolution apart from other vendors in the industry. Then, we’ll help you determine if our solution is a good fit through four simple questions. Let’s get started.

See where you may be coming up short in your marketing attribution strategy.

Where Marketing Evolution Excels

Marketing Evolution is a platform designed to provide a 360°, holistic view of how your marketing investments affect customer behavior through advanced data analysis. This covers everything from media buying recommendations, brand to behavior linkage, the predicted outcome of a certain campaign, and beyond. Together, these capabilities cumulate into helping you find the optimal media mix for all of your marketing goals.

We like to split our strengths into four key pillars: Fast implementation, easy onboarding, privacy protection, and actionable recommendations.

  • Faster implementation – Once you partner with us, we’ll hit the ground running and start feeding Marketing Evolution the data it needs for proper analysis using sources like ad servers and social APIs. While our solution requires quite a bit of data for maximum effectiveness, you’ll start getting quality insights in an average of 45 days.
  • Easy onboarding – Does your business lack large volumes of high-quality data? No problem. Marketing Evolution doesn’t need your data to be clean, properly segmented, or in a consistent format – it can do all of that work on the backend. You don’t even need historical data to get started.
  • Privacy protection – Marketing Evolution gives you granular audience insights without the need for PII or user-level tracking, making it compatible with GDPR, CCPA, and many other emerging regulations. Additionally, we can easily work around private industry decisions, such as 3rd party cookie deprecation and privacy changes stemming for iOS 14.
  • Actionable recommendations – Our solution works with your entire funnel (including brand initiatives) and takes an audience-centric view to media mix optimization. All you need to know is who your audience is, which channels you’d like to invest in, and a little bit of time for Marketing Evolution to ingest and process your data. Then, you’ll be able to break down the incremental value of marketing investments, helping you concretely tie spend to behavior.

4 Qualifying Questions to Ask When Considering Marketing Evolution

It’s undeniable – there are a lot of benefits to partnering with Marketing Evolution. But while our platform provides unmatched value to many types of businesses, it’s not designed for everyone. To determine whether or not Marketing Evolution is a good fit for your unique business needs, think about these four questions:

1. Do you run campaigns across multiple channels?

Marketing Evolution can optimize each individual channel across your entire media landscape. If you’re only using one or two channels today and don’t foresee taking a more omnichannel approach in the next few years, there’s no need to license a technology solution that doesn’t provide any incremental value. 

2. What is your current media budget?

Businesses that spend less than $10 million per year across all media channels may find more value from another solution. There is some wiggle room -- especially if you plan to scale your media investments soon. However, if your team only spends a few million dollars on media investments in a typical year with no plans to expand, you won’t be able to maximize the value of our solution.

3. Do you prefer to work independently?

Do you need a partner to help you do the legwork, or do you want the freedom to test, learn and experiment on your own? While we are able to help customers learn how to use the platform and can provide support when needed, Marketing Evolution is designed to help marketers become more self-directed, allowing them to flex their own analytical prowess. 

4. Which region(s) do you operate in?

We can optimize media spend in any region that has a sizable audience and good data access – and unfortunately, that doesn’t include everyone. For example, if you primarily operate in the United States, your business will be a good fit. But if you only operate in Luxembourg, for example, and are unable to collect data from partners in that region in a compliant manner, then Marketing Evolution may not be a good fit. However, we are more than happy to expand to smaller, less data-rich markets after we’ve reached the “run” phase in our “crawl-walk-run” approach to onboarding.

If you’re a bit skeptical about your business adhering to all four points, don’t worry. If you sign up for a demo, we’ll be happy to assess your case individually and see if we can overcome your unique challenges.

See where you may be coming up short in your marketing attribution strategy.

Onboarding: A Brief Summary of Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly

When you choose to partner with Marketing Evolution, we follow a standard onboarding process called “Crawl, Walk, Run then Fly.” This process is designed to help you get speed to value as soon as possible without compromising the quality of your insights. Here’s how it works:

  • Crawl – The first step in onboarding is the “Crawl” phase, where we integrate data from channels with APIs and ad servers. This includes Facebook, Google, and Twitter, for example. In eight to twelve weeks, the platform will have more than enough data to make recommendations to allow you to make informed marketing decisions regarding these channels.
  • Walk – In the next phase, we start adding information that’s not so simple to find. For example, your out-of-home media placements and outcomes from direct mail campaigns. When this is added to the data collected from the “crawl” phase, you’ll be able to analyze your entire media portfolio.
  • Run - At this stage, we implement an identify resolution partner (if warranted) to get more granular insights. This is also the appropriate time to bring in additional geographies to take a global approach to the media performance optimization strategy.  
  • Fly - Now that all of your data is fully integrated, the true possibilities of Marketing Evolution open up. Now you can more clearly answer questions like how your media spend affects your brand equity.

Final Thoughts

In the world of marketing analytics, many vendors overpromise and under deliver in hopes of appealing to the widest market possible. Our team would rather take the opposite approach. Before we enter into an agreement, we will provide a comprehensive project plan that is tailored to your business requirements specific to the target audiences and business outcomes. This ensures it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement before we even get started. After all, even if Marketing Evolution isn’t the right choice for you today, we might be the right solution after your business has had more time to evolve.

Ready to learn more about Marketing Evolution for yourself – or have a few questions that weren’t answered here? You can learn more about our approach and see the platform for yourself by requesting a demo with our product experts.

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