Marketing Evolution Announces Strategic Partnership with Decision Foundry to Implement Scenario Planning & Media Lift Reporting for Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Marketing Evolution has launched its new application, ‘Scenario Planning & Media Lift Reporting for Marketing Cloud Intelligence’, on Salesforce AppExchange. The app allows customers to access privacy-compliant, person-level insights about cross-media exposure impact for every channel and market.

Decision Foundry, a top tier and award-winning Marketing Cloud Intelligence provider, was selected as Marketing Evolution’s preferred implementation partner, further configuring their Scenario Planning and Media Lift app based on a clients’ vertical and specific business needs.

“Decision Foundry is that rare business partner that understands the challenges of cross media measurement and analytics while offering deep expertise in building business-critical Marketing Cloud solutions”, said Stephen Williams, CEO, Marketing Evolution.

“We were selected to bridge the gap between technology, delivery, and measurable business impact. As Marketing Evolution’s preferred implementation partner, we’ll help clients move from what happened previously to what they should do next”, said Ross Jenkins, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Champion and CEO of Decision Foundry.

Salesforce’s Intelligence platform provides enhanced AI based tools for Marketing Cloud deployments, adding detailed plans and insights to help marketers improve media performance and efficiency. Marketing Evolution extends those native capabilities by providing marketers with a privacy compliant person-based attribution platform for improved planning, understanding channel synergies, optimization and recommended actions.

“Marketing Cloud Intelligence, in combination with Marketing Evolution, just became a whole lot smarter. The integration of MCI’s data aggregation capabilities and Marketing Evolution’s Scenario Planning & Media Lift Reporting app significantly increases the potential value of every customer interaction. These are the kinds of bold, decision aiding tools marketers need to understand their (actual) contributions, drive growth and promote experimentation”, said Ross Jenkins, CEO of Decision Foundry.

About Decision Foundry

Decision Foundry is a certified independent software vendor, managed services provider, and a certified award-winning Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration partner. Decision Foundry closes the gap between data access, platform adoption and business impact. Our global, Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting services include the integration of CDP, Account, Engagement, Personalization, and Intelligence. 

About Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution enables customers to boldly navigate the choppy waters of media buying, growth hack their marketing strategies, and maximize ROI. The scalable technology and proprietary machine learning algorithms behind the flagship MEVO platform are backed by Nobel Prize winning research, designed by marketers, and made to scale. Using MEVO, marketers can confidently chart their course with attribution insights and actionable investment strategies, reducing waste from their budgets and making better decisions, faster.

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About Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence

MCI is Salesforce’s Analytics platform built to help Marketer’s optimize spend and customer engagement with unified performance data, automated reporting, and cost-saving AI insights.