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Eliminate Ad Waste

The 2020 Waste in Advertising Report

When you consider that global advertising is expected to grow 6.1% to $573 billion in 2021, just imagine what solving the ad waste problem can do for MROI and budget efficiency. The key is to put consumers first, even in uncertain times.

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Put a Stop to Wasted Media Spend

Why Marketers Can’t Ignore Data Quality

Marketing Evolution recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of organizations’ marketing/media data quality and the tactics that help marketers promote quality efficiently and effectively.

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The Waste in Advertising Report

The waste in advertising epidemic is a profit killer that creates turmoil for both consumers and marketers. TrafficGuard estimates that within the next 5 years, digital advertisers will waste up to $100 million a day due to ad fraud. Such massive loss is unsustainable for omnichannel marketers and requires a good, hard look at not just spend and strategy, but also the way marketing is measured.


Understanding the Omnichannel Customer Journey

Connect Any Data

Reach your consumers more effectively by understanding how they interact at every touchpoint across online and offline channels.

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Use Advanced Analytics

Use advanced analytics to measure and optimize key performance indicators (KPIs) like campaign performance, engagement, and sales.

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Make Accurate Decisions

Leverage insights and campaign recommendations to make the best decisions on your media mix, budget, creative rotation, brand-building efforts, and long-range planning.

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Optus Case Study
Melissa Hopkins Head of Marketing, Optus
Our goal was to optimise our total media investment towards business metrics, including brand consideration, demand generation and sales - not just media metrics.
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