Can You See
Each Customer In
Your Analytics?

Stop Guessing And Start Connecting

Solve the problem of omni-channel attribution and optimization.
Improve the speed and scope of audience analysis using
PersonCentric™ Analytics, and connect to customers as
if you knew them personally.

Trusted By Today’s Leading Companies

  • Best Buy
  • Wb
  • TimeInc.
  • Citi
  • CocaCola
  • MetLife
  • NetFlix
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  • All State
  • Wal Mart
  • Toyota
  • Gymboree
  • Unilever
  • Johnson And Johnson


Marketing Evolution is recognized with a "Leader" designation in Forrester Research’s recent report, The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q4 2016.


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Meet Mary
Meet Mary

Mary enjoys storefront shopping. But, when it rains, she does most of her shopping at home on her mobile.

Psssst – she reacts well to orange.

ROI Brain™:

Real-Time, People-Based Marketing Insights

Know when, where and how to connect with consumers. Learn what makes them tick and how to turn them into your best customers. Go beyond the human capacity to optimize creative messaging and media mix with powerful PersonCentric™ Analytics. Optimize your marketing for Mary, and people like her.

10× ROI Guarantee
The work with Marketing Evolution has been instrumental in affecting very positive changes at our company. It has enabled us to change the course of our advertising in significant ways. It has also made our marketing investment sharper and much more effective.

Meet Jack
Meet Jack

He’s a coupon cutter. He loves the radio, and he thinks desktop ads are the devil. But, email him savings, and three out of five times he’ll buy.

Real-Time Performance Improvement

Increase the agility of your marketing team with weekly attribution and campaign optimization. Know which messages resonate the strongest with which audience and make in-campaign improvements to establish more valuable, longer-lasting connections.

Marketing Evolution has been a very collaborative partner for us and our media agency. Their technology platform and measurement tools have given us greater insights into the performance of our media mix and helped us construct higher performing media campaigns.

Meet Jenn
Meet Jenn

She hates the look of a model with a body she can’t relate to. She’s a late-night shopper and TV-watcher. If she sees a 15-second ad on one of her go-to networks, she’ll likely make a purchase.

Harness A Best Practices Engine

The more your team uses the ROI Brain™, the more intelligent it becomes. The real-time data collection and analysis builds a deeper database of intelligence and best practices based on specific campaigns that fuel creative analysis, delivery and, ultimately, ROI.

See How Marketers Use PersonCentric™ Analytics In Real Time

See How Marketers Use PersonCentric™ Analytics In Real Time

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