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We believe the world would be a better place if marketers had the tools to better connect with people. The leading brands of the world, and the marketing professionals who lead them, turn to us for right-time decisions that allow them to optimize their message and marketing mix to increase campaign performance, sales and engagement. Our cutting-edge software, powered by more than 100 Trillion data points, delivers PersonCentricTM insights that reduce inefficiency and improve the overall consumer experience.



Forrester Wave

Marketing Evolution Named "Leader" in Forrester Wave™ Report

Forrester has named Marketing Evolution as a "Leader" in marketing measurement and optimization solutions, in Forrester’s most recent Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions Forrester Wave™ Report. We believe this distinction affirms Marketing Evolution’s position as the industry-leading marketing analytics and ROI company.

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Cutting Edge Software to Drive Marketing ROI

Move beyond limitations of marketing mix and attribution models and use the ROI Brain's PersonCentricTM decision-making platform.

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Customer Success Stories

Wendy's Case Study

Find the Ads that Drive Sales

Like most QSR companies, Wendy's was having a hard time attributing their sales to their advertising, as most of their transactions are done in cash. Enter PlaceIQ and Marketing Evolution. Using PlaceIQ's technology and Marketing Evolution's ROI Brain® software, Wendy's was able to track their sales to particular ads and optimize their spend.

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Regions Bank Case Study

The Speed You Need

To overcome the shortcomings of traditional mix models, marketers at Regions Bank adopted a person-level, unified measurement model for media-mix optimization. Using rich, user-level data integration (such as geo-location and social graph data) to predict purchase propensity Regions can optimize campaigns faster and more precisely leading to improved marketing ROI. 

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