Marketing Evolution Launches Certified Channel Partners Program With OYO.Digital

New York, NY (August 9, 2022) – Marketing Evolution, a leading provider of marketing measurement, attribution, and planning software and OYO.Digital, a leading marketing performance management consultancy today announced their new partnership to help marketers plan, measure, test and scale their marketing programs. Advertisers can now report on all media channels at the most granular levels with easy-to-use privacy preserving software from Marketing Evolution, backed by best-in-class services from OYO.Digital. Customers typically realize double digit incremental lift in sales and brand KPI conversions without increasing media budgets.

Mevo, Marketing Evolution’s SaaS solution, combines leading science with advanced machine learning technology to model marketing impact on the consumer decision path. Using Mevo, marketers have access to real-time reporting, analysis, and insights to easily track progress toward KPIs. AI-based optimization allows marketers to quickly create and optimize media plans to make better investment decisions and eliminate waste from their budgets.

“Marketing Evolution’s thoughtful approach to today’s marketing challenges is masterfully expressed through its best-in-class technology. It fills gaps, exposes blind spots, and enhances our understanding of programs to make the most informed marketing decisions. Marketing Evolution is more than a technology; it is a robust solution,” says John Rohloff, Co-Founder of OYO.Digital.

Marketing Evolution’s partnership with OYO.Digital arms customers with expert guidance and support customized to meet their needs. From data implementation and onboarding to professional and managed services, OYO.Digital is equipped to ensure success for customers using the Mevo platform.

“Our goal is to give our customers access to the best specialists to help them on their marketing effectiveness journey. We realize that not all marketers wish to engage with our SaaS platform with only in-house staff, and that many need great turn-key experts to provide the necessary professional services – at least for a time period,” says Andrew Frawley, CEO at Marketing Evolution. “We launched our Certified Channel Partners program this year and after careful evaluation decided OYO.Digital is most qualified as our In-Residence Marketing Partner to introduce to Marketing Evolution customers”.

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About OYO.Digital

OYO.Digital drives balance in leading, lagging, and operational indicators. OYO.Digital maximizes program ROI and hybrid growth marketing. OYO.Digital focuses on contribution and attribution to maximize business outcomes while supporting both growth initiatives and cost optimization.


OYO.Digital’s sole purpose is to support marketing’s quest to identify new opportunities, architect disruptive strategies, and orchestrate execution. OYO.Digital provides solutions to CMO’s, digital media/advertising leadership, and ABM marketers that identify savings, growth opportunities, and budget efficiencies.


About Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution enables customers to boldly navigate the choppy waters of media buying, growth hack their marketing strategies, and maximize ROI. The scalable technology and proprietary machine learning algorithms behind the flagship Mevo platform are backed by Nobel Prize winning research, designed by marketers and made to scale. Using Mevo, marketers can confidently chart their course with attribution insights and actionable investment strategies, reducing waste from their budgets and making better decisions, faster.