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Free Training Tools & Courses for Cross Channel Marketers

Last updated: September 13, 2020

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As marketers – and especially as cross channel marketers – it’s crucial to view yourself as a perpetual student. That’s why every year, thousands upon thousands of marketers attend conferences to learn the latest in cross channel marketing and learn actionable advice that will help them create impactful campaigns.

However, with COVID-19 continuing to take hold across the globe, many marketers have had to cope with radical change. Enlightening conversations with colleagues are becoming sparse due to distance and important conferences as far as a year in advance were cancelled or postponed. Thankfully, modern technology is fully capable of filling these gaps. Many marketing thought leaders have created podcasts, webinars, and guides that can help marketers stay sharp in these trying times.

Let’s take a look at five courses and resources that can help cross channel marketers become more well-rounded, and bounce back from this pandemic with a series of new, exciting ideas. We’ve broken out the below resources into the following sections to help you get the training you need:

  • General Marketing Resources & Tools
  • Media Spend Allocation & Optimization
  • Brand Messaging Across Platforms
  • Resources on Data Quality and Analytics for Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Marketing Evolution Certification


General Marketing Resources and Tools

Course: Marketing in a Digital World

MOOCs are open learning courses taught by university professors, which are usually free to attend through a process called “auditing.” Audited courses do not provide any grade or credit, but they are great way for people to continue learning through high quality courses.

This particular MOOC is offered through Coursera in partnership with the University of Illinois and was rated in the top 50 MOOCs by Class Central with over 250,000 students. In this course, marketers will learn how technological advancements, such as smartphones and 3-D printing, are changing today’s landscape. It will then explain how digital mediums are changing the way that marketers view traditional concepts like promotion, product, and price.

Check it out here: Marketing in a Digital World

Podcast: 5 Keys to High Performing Marketing Organizations

In this podcast presented by MarketingProfs, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone gets important insights from Salesforce’s Director of Market Strategy, Mathew Sweezey.

Today’s marketing world is hyper-competitive – and Mathew wanted to drill down into what makes high-performing marketing organizations so successful by researching the practices enacted by 7,500 businesses around the world. Mathew’s position is that there is no such thing as the “right marketing tactics.” Instead, most organizations with excellent marketing teams focus on fostering certain traits within their general organizational strategy – and in this podcast, he will elaborate on what these traits are, and where marketers should focus their efforts.

This episode is just under thirty minutes long and is jampacked with fascinating information. If this podcast leaves you craving more knowledge, check out the other free podcasts featured on MarketingProfs – or check out Mathew Sweezey’s website for more great, thought-provoking content.

Listen to it here: 5 Keys to High Performing Marketing Organizations

Webinar: Competing for Today’s Value-Based Customers

Typically, the valuable insights from Forrester are locked behind a paywall, but this is a completely free webinar put on by their experts. In this webinar, you will hear from two of Forrester’s very own analysts as they determine how marketers must speak to consumer values in 2020.

It’s a common mantra in marketing: Customers buy based on their needs. While the crux of that statement is true, it’s no longer the end-all-be-all. Marketers must keep consumer needs in mind – but they also must keep consumer values top-of-mind, too. In Forrester’s research, they found that 68 percent of customers feel their purchasing decisions are influenced by a company’s reputation for social responsibility. This begs the question: How can you be that socially responsible organization in the eyes of your target customer? Then, how can you make your social responsibility known without being seen as inauthentic?

Watch this webinar today: Competing for Today’s Value Based Customers

Video: The Future of Marketing

This video, filmed at INBOUND 2019, features presenter Sangram Vajre, Founder of Terminus. He argues that lead generation is not the best way to maximize value for organizations. Instead, he examines the benefits of account based marketing (ABM) and demonstrates how marketers can experience cross channel success by targeting the right people at the right time on the channels they care about. He also discusses the importance of building trust and the three stages of building authentic connections with your audience.

Watch the video now: The Future of Marketing

Media Spend Allocation & Optimization Resources

eBook: The Waste in Advertising

Ad waste is a huge problem – in fact, recent estimates have found that up to 60 percent of all digital marketing spend is wasted in some way, shape, or form. This can have far reaching effects that go beyond a poor return on investment, such as negatively impacting a potential customer’s perception of your brand. This is especially true for cross channel marketers, who need to juggle optimizing several platforms in tandem.

In this eBook, experts from Marketing Evolution will provide fascinating facts and statistics about marketing waste that outlines how urgent this concern truly is. Then, marketers will learn which attribution models are needed to control and minimize their marketing waste.

Read the eBook here: The Waste in Advertising

Webinar: 10 Questions From Customers on Maximizing Marketing Impact in Unpredictable Conditions 

Today’s marketing environment is changing rapidly - and that’s before we even consider the influence of COVID-19 on present and future marketing efforts. However, analyzing data in a reliable way can provide comfort in uncertain times.

In this webinar, experts from Marketing Evolution will find the answers to ten important customer questions. In addition to this, they will take a deep dive into the capabilities of Marketing Evolution’s marketing performance measurement platform, and explain how it can be used to optimize your media plan.

Watch the webinar here: 10 Questions From Customers on Maximizing Marketing Impact in Unpredictable Conditions

Brand Messaging Across Channels

Webinar: How to Attract Eyeballs and Action: The 26 Words and Copy Constructs You Need to Know Now

Words have power. We all learn that concept from an early age, and marketers especially need to become experts in how simple phrasing can cause customers to take action. However, how deep have you truly plunged into what makes words impactful? Have you ever wondered why certain phrases cause people to take a specific, intended action?

In this webinar, Nancy Harhut takes a whimsical and scientific approach to explaining why consumers act the way they do. For example, she illustrates how a bakery in Texas increased mail-order sales of a certain fruitcake with a simple name-change. Fruitcake has a PR problem where many people believe it’s inedible, often without even trying it. To overcome this, the bakery called it a “Native Texas Pecan Cake” and experienced a 60 percent spike in sales – and maybe they even inspired people to rethink their preconceived biases towards fruitcake.

Sound interesting? Listen as Nancy takes an in-depth approach to the underlying psychology behind buyer decision making, with a special focus on B2B marketers.

Watch the webinar here: How to Attract Eyeballs and Action: The 26 Words and Copy Constructs You Need to Know Now

Course: The Strategy of Content Marketing

This particular MOOC is offered in coalition with the Copyblogger and UC Davis. Students will learn how to write compelling marketing copy and create cohesive campaigns using a measured approach to content and messaging.

This course is useful for marketers looking to hone their content development strategy and create messaging that delivers results. Those who complete the course can earn a certificate of completion.

Check it out here: The Strategy of Content Marketing

Video: Content Planning: Building a Long Term Content Plan

This video from Hubspot discusses the marketing funnel and the 3 steps needed to develop a long term plan for your company’s content to better align with your prospects and buyers. They discuss the importance of setting goals to organize your time and value of creating a long term plan to drive results.

Watch the video here: Content Planning: Building a Long Term Content Plan

Ted Talk: Start with Why

In Simon Sineck’s New York best-selling book, Start with Why, he argues that great organizations have a central theme or goal, which is conveyed through their messaging and products. In this Ted-Talk, Sineck outlines how companies can identify this purpose through what he calls the “golden circle”. This exercise is not only important for leaders, but for branding experts looking to solidify the value their companies deliver.

Watch the Ted-Talk here: Start with Why

Resources on Data Quality for Cross-Channel Marketing

Webinar: The Importance of Marketing Data Quality - Put a Stop to Wasted Media Spend

Unfortunately, many marketers are basing their campaigns on poor-quality data. Recent estimates have found that marketers may be wasting up to 21 cents of every media dollar spent – and for cross channel marketers, this is a frightening concept.

This webinar, presented by Adweek, combines the expertise of Tina Moffett, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, with the insight for Kristen Hambelton of Marketing Evolution. They will help explain how organizations should measure their data quality and follow up with a few best practices to help you obtain high quality data efficiently and effectively. This will help cross channel marketers get the valuable insights they need to orchestrate successful personalized marketing campaigns.

Watch the webinar today: The Importance of Marketing Data Quality

Course: Marketing Analytics: Marketing Measurement & Strategy

This MOOC is offered through the platform Edx and University of California Berkeley. In this course, users will learn how to identify trends to make better marketing decisions. The professor, Stephen Sogar, has held leadership positions at 3M, NASA and Oracle in addition to writing two marketing textbooks. Auditing this course is free, but for an additional fee, users can earn a certificate of completion.

Check out this course: Marketing Analytics: Marketing Measurement & Strategy

Training: Become a Certified Marketing Evolution User

If your organization is already using the power of Marketing Evolution to create impactful, data-driven cross channel marketing campaigns, why not take this time to become certified? Marketing Evolution offers a customized learning management system with three levels of certification: Certified Users, Certified Power Users, and Certified Partners. This will help you realize the true power of this marketing performance measurement solution.

Take the first steps now: Marketing Analytics Certification and Training

Final Thoughts

Having this time at home has given marketers a lot of time for introspection – so why not hone your skills and learn fascinating information that’s circulating in the world of marketing? Stockpiling these crucial insights will arm you with the guidance necessary to produce accurate and actionable cross channel marketing strategies that provide a real return on investment. By keeping your mind sharp, you’ll not only gain a competitive advantage – you will become a beacon of hope within your organization.



Written by Marketing Evolution