Marketing Evolution Announces New Industry Standard for Data Quality Assurance

Marketing Evolution, provider of marketing measurement and optimization solutions, announced enhancements to its Marketing Measurement and Attribution Platform, empowering marketers with an automated data pipeline. The new, first-of-its-kind data assurance process addresses the growing issue of bad data quality in marketing, a leading contributor to wasted media spend and overall marketing budget.

Marketing Evolution says it is the first marketing measurement solution to incorporate an extensive process for assessing and validating data quality into its standard product, from data arrival to ingestion and consumption, covering representativeness analysis and anomaly analysis. This capability speaks directly to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting that found that 65% of marketers are concerned about the quality of their data, and in other industry research, more than 60% of marketers identified “improving marketing data quality” as a strategic priority, and 44% said improving marketing data quality is a struggle to achieve. Data quality assurance is one of the core pillars in Marketing Evolution’s product design and development.

Key questions the Data Quality Assurance process verifies:

  • Has your data arrived in the correct format and in a timely manner?
  • Is the data representative of the true business and the consumers that the business aims to influence?
  • Does the data reveal the customer journey and allow marketers to examine converting paths to extract insights about media’s role in that journey?

Potential benefits of the Data Quality Assurance product enhancements include:

  • Reduces waste in media spend
  • Greater understanding of consumer reaction to media exposure and campaign tactics
  • Ensures analysis and insights are based on quality data that is accurate and precise, and from the targeted audience

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