Fortune favors the bold when it comes to marketing measurement in a cookieless future

Google recently announced it will once again delay its goal to sunset cookies from 2023 to sometime in 2024. For many in the advertising industry this news has brought a sense of relief, allowing for more time to adjust to the cookieless data landscape.

But cookies or no cookies, the advertising landscape remains in flux. Marketers looking to thrive in a cookieless future also have to contend with constant iOS changes, walled gardens, and increased scrutiny of consumer privacy and data. This has created a very complex time for advertisers, publishers, agencies, and partners, so it’s human nature to let the foot off the pedal when given some breathing room.

But given the complexity of all these changes, now is not the time to stick with the status quo. With the extra time before the cookie crumbles, companies that were behind in their preparations for a cookieless future now have the time they need to prepare for what lies ahead.

Here’s how brands and marketers can solve these current challenges and be ready for data privacy changes–whenever they do arise. 

Partner with a trusted and established measurement provider 

As you transition into a privacy-preserving measurement and data collection model, partnering with the right measurement platform is paramount. Look for a provider that has a lasting solution to changing data-privacy laws, without outrages expenses or months of lag time. 

Don't just wait and see 

Now is the time for your organization to discuss the best path forward when it comes to navigating measurement in a cookieless future. If we take from our history lessons, “fortune favors the bold” and translated into today’s terminology: Those who were proactive, who paid attention, and took action will benefit. Those who choose the “wait and see” approach hit that data brick wall without any defined course of action.

For over 20 years Marketing Evolution has leveraged our experience working in every industry across all sizes of organizations to help marketers make better decisions faster. We leverage cutting edge AI and ML to help our partners seamlessly navigate data and privacy concerns, filling in data gaps to rebuild and measure the customer journey. And, our first of its kind planner tool helps optimize media budgets into the future, making us your all-in-one measurement and planning solution.

Connect with our team to start these important discussions, and let us help you in your journey to navigate a cookieless future, whenever that does come. To see how our solution will help you navigate the choppy waters of media buying, take our free interactive product tour.