MEDIA ALERT: Marketing Evolution to Host Adweek Webinar "The Importance of Marketing Data Quality: Put a Stop to Wasted Media Spend" on September 12th

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NEW YORK(BUSINESS WIRE)––September 10, 2019–– On Thursday, September 12, Marketing Evolution, provider of the most powerful marketing measurement and optimization solutions, will host an Adweek webinar, “The Importance of Marketing Data Quality: Put a Stop to Wasted Media Spend.” 

Guest presenter Tina Moffett, senior analyst at Forrester Research, along with Kristin Hambelton, CMO at Marketing Evolution, will delve into new Forrester Consulting research that evaluates the state of organizations’ marketing/media data quality and identifies the tactics that help marketers promote quality efficiently and effectively.

In the age of empowered customers, competitive advantage hinges on an organization’s ability to harness the data needed to improve customer understanding and engagement. But poor data quality remains marketers’ Achilles heel, hindering insight while draining valuable resources. 

Attendees can expect to learn about the struggle to achieve the high-quality data needed for fueling successful marketing initiatives, and how to tackle data quality improvements and boost marketers’ trust in their data.

Join Kristin Hambelton of Marketing Evolution and guest Tina Moffett of Forrester Research for a webinar on Thursday, September 12 at 1:00 p.m. EDT as they discuss:

  • The inherent value of high-quality marketing and media data
  • What marketers can do to promote quality data
  • How to acquire and align data to reach new levels of personalized marketing success

WHAT: The Importance of Marketing Data Quality: Put a Stop to Wasted Media Spend
WHEN: Thursday, September 12; 1:00 p.m. EDT
WHERE: Participants can register here
WHO: Kristin Hambelton, CMO, Marketing Evolution; Tina Moffett, senior analyst at Forrester Research

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