Professional Services

Extend the Value of Your Brand

Marketing Evolution provides a complete suite of services to extend the value of our powerful marketing measurement and optimization platform. With Marketing Evolution’s Professional Services you can tap into the tools and knowledge of media and data experts to solve your unique challenges and accelerate your return on investment.


Discover Brand Metrics that Matter Most

The Marketing Evolution Brand to Behavior Linkage Study identifies which brand metrics best predict sales by linking attitudinal survey responses to sales behavior at the individual customer level.

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Elevate Your Marketing with Optimization Across All Brands

Marketing Evolution Portfolio Optimization breaks enables data-driven tradeoff decision-making across your organization. The service takes into account all Marketing Evolution-measured brands and lines of business to provide optimization recommendations at the portfolio level.

Accelerate The Impact of Walled Garden Advertising

Marketing Evolution’s Aggregated Conversion Integration enables customers to integrate sales tied to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter ad placements into our platform. Marketing Evolution provides custom consultation on how to send sales data to Facebook and Google in order to attribute conversions to each ad placement and its impressions.

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Get Upfront with Your Buying Strategy

Marketing Evolution Upfront Strategic Planning service provides data-driven upfront buying recommendations including the most impactful networks, new programs that will likely perform best, and the right budget allocations. This service will help you gain control and leverage of your upfront buying strategy and negotiations.

Optimize Your Annual Media Planning

With Marketing Evolution Long Range Planning, you can improve media planning by incorporating powerful insights into your decision-making. The service provides a deep analysis of the prior year’s data and learnings to optimize your media plan for the upcoming year — with detailed spend by quarter or month for every touchpoint.

Optus Chooses Marketing Evolution
Melissa Hopkins Head of Marketing, Optus
At a practical level, our aim was to understand the role of each media channel in driving towards the various outcomes, both in terms of efficiency and impact.
Why Optus Chose Marketing Evolution