Retail's Hottest Trends in 2019: What Marketers Need to Know

In 2019, future media moguls and emerging technologies will influence the way consumers interact with their favorite brands and how goods are consumed. Now, is the time to keep up with consumer preferences and marketing changes. Join Marketing Evolution’s director of product marketing, Andy Cheong, and guest speaker, Forrester VP principal analyst, Sucharita Kodali, as they discuss the latest trends in retail and how you can adapt to new shifts in consumer demographics, attitudes and preferences.

Join us to learn about

  • The latest trends in retail: Who are the next retail powerhouses and media moguls
  • AI: What’s hype and what’s myth
  • Why omnichannel matters more now than ever
  • Key recommendations on how marketers can understand consumer behavior and drive revenue growth
    Sucharita-Kodali Forrester

    Sucharita Kodali
    VP, Principal Analyst

    Andy-Cheong Marketing Evolution

    Andy Cheong
    Director, Product Marketing
    Marketing Evolution

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