From Exposure, to Audience Insights and Activation in a Single Platform

Ensuring the Highest Quality of Data

Many vendors lack sufficient data quality assurance measures. Marketing Evolution builds data validation and quality control checks at every step of the process to ensure your recommendations are based on valid, accurate data. We are the only marketing performance measurement solution to incorporate a streamlined data quality process into its standard product, from data arrival to ingestion and consumption.


Measurement and Optimization for Brand KPIs

Marketing Evolution uniquely measures and improves brand metrics by linking media exposure to creative performance and optimizing the right message to the right person through the right channel. We incorporate leading indicator data (i.e. purchase intent, preference, favorability) in analysis to show precisely how brand investments impact sales. We connect consumers’ path to purchase through their own unique brand engagement stages of awareness, consideration, purchase intent, and loyalty. We help brands discover how their consumers are influenced by interactions with their brands, products, and services throughout their journey, and activate recommendations to drive performance in key focus areas.

Flexible Data Integration

The most powerful marketing performance measurement and optimization solution that provides flexible implementations of data at various disparate granularities based on a marketers level of sophistication and access to data, allowing brands at any level of maturity the ability to maximize their media spend and brand impact.


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