Develop and Protect Your Company’s Brand

The most important intangible asset in a company is the value of its brands. Today’s leading marketers know that you can’t build an enduring business if you chase revenue at the expense of brand health.

Get Beyond the Numbers

Marketing Evolution’s Brand Tracker is an enhancement of our Leading Indicator Survey that ensures you have in-depth, up-to-date information about what makes your brand resonate with customers. Data from the survey is integrated into the platform at a consumer-level allowing Marketers a 360 view of Attitudinal and Behavioral Data of customer and prospects. Combining these data points allows optimization and recommendations to maximize your ROI at both the upper and lower funnel of the sales cycle.

  • Develop focused marketing and message strategies
  • Take immediate action on your brand health
  • Easily access and view latest results
  • Receive in depth brand health updates
  • Have the latest info about your brand health


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why is the consumer-level data approach so important?

A: Marketers need reliable, consumer-level insights to reach customers and drive higher performance effectively. Marketing Evolution observes every media touchpoint and its impact on individual consumers, learning exactly which messages influence which people to help you optimize media mix, creative rotation, and targeting —giving you a competitive advantage in a crowded and fast-moving marketplace.

Q: How does Marketing Evolution ensure my success in implementing a Unified Marketing Measurement platform?

A: Marketing Evolution has honed our onboarding approach over the past ten years to ensure your success. We’ve established a three-phase implementation process known as ‘Crawl, Walk, Run.’ The process outlines the steps that make sure your business objectives and critical success factors are clearly defined; collected data and optimization are best tuned to provide maximum ROI and sustainable performance. Each phase is prescriptive and designed to be executed with precision.

Optus Chooses Marketing Evolution
Melissa Hopkins Head of Marketing, Optus
At the macro level, our goal was to be able to optimise our total media investment towards business metrics including brand consideration, demand generation and sales - not just media metrics. 
Why Optus Chose Marketing Evolution