The Omnichannel Marketer's Handbook for Accurate Attribution

Omnichannel marketing attribution provides a glut of data to analyze. Knowledge is power, of course, and the more data you can collect from customer behavior and interaction the better. Omnichannel attribution is a powerful tool that can let you understand your customers on a level yesterday’s marketers could only dream about.

But sorting, analyzing and understanding the results of all of this data is no small or simple task. On top of that, marketers also need to weight this data to understand exactly which messages actually drive customer conversions.

In our eBook, we break down the following to help marketers overcome these challenges:

  • Marketing attribution - what is it?
  • Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of the most common models, including MMM, MTA, and others. 
  • How to future-proof your media strategy amid rising privacy laws and concerns
  • Choosing the right measurement model for your business

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