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10 Q's: Maximizing Marketing Impact in Unpredictable Conditions

April 23, 2020 / 1:00PM

In this webinar, Marketing Evolution’s analytic and product experts will provide the answers we know now, and together with you, we will start the meaningful conversations around how the Marketing Evolution Marketing Measurement and Optimization platform can provide guidance on making decisions in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Adweek- The Importance of Marketing Data Quality

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 / 1:00PM
Marketing has a data-quality issue. The most frequent repercussion of poor-quality data? Wasted media spend, estimated to be as much as 21 cents of every media dollar spent. You can see why it is essential for marketers to take action to improve data quality. Marketing Evolution recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of organizations’ marketing/media data quality and identify the tactics that help marketers promote quality efficiently and effectively.

Attribution 101: What Marketers Need to Know

July 18, 2019 / 1:00PM

Marketing measurement and analytics are evolving at lightning speed with technological innovations designed to leverage massive amounts of data. At the heart of it all is attribution—the science of identifying the marketing activities that lead to customer engagement, sales, and loyalty. In a dynamic marketplace, the most effective attribution models are capable of measuring myriad marketing touchpoints and producing timely, accurate, and increasingly granular person-level consumer data insights.

Test & Learn: Systematic Process to Validate Results and Performance

June 27, 2019 / 1:00 PM

Marketers have increasing responsibilities to provide accurate marketing performance and customer behavior insights. Developing a deep knowledge of the necessary data to be evaluated, ensuring data representativeness, and setting data quality standards are key attributes to becoming a data champion.  This webinar explores the use of Test & Learn framework and how it contributes to data quality and validation.