Get More From Your Marketing Evolution Solution

Advanced Features To Accelerate Your Effectiveness

Marketing Evolution's advanced marketing optimization features enhance your existing platform by helping you better understand your consumers. Maximize your media spend, strengthen your brand impact, and boost your ROI with our Leading Indicator Survey and Customer Discovery platforms.

Eliminate Advertising Uncertainty For Good

With Marketing Evolution Leading Indicator Survey, you can finally measure and track how advertising affects your brand’s leading indicators in a single, user-friendly dashboard. The always-on survey captures full funnel metrics -- awareness, brand perception, likeability, and purchase intent -- and marketing activity consumption, so you can see your advertising’s true impact.

  • Gain insights into what metrics marketing is impacting
  • Discover hard-to-find relationships
  • Access an always-on source of knowledge





Discover More About Your Customers

To accurately reach your customers, you need to know who they are and what they do. Marketing Evolution’s Customer Discovery platform uses customer-level data to provide you with the necessary insight to anticipate the behavior, attitudes, and preferences of your most profitable consumers so you can reach them in the most effective channels with the right messages.

  • Get detailed consumer lifestyle data on your top segments
  • Uncover growth opportunities in underserved segments
  • Drive consistent consumer experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What types of data does Marketing Evolution ingest and measure?

A: The foundation of your marketing measurement platform begins with the collection and integration of comprehensive data at the individual person-level, including sales and CRM data, media exposure, attitudinal data from surveys, geo-location and external factors such as weather, traffic patterns, and the economy.

Q: How does Marketing Evolution ensure the quality of measurement and recommendations?

A: Marketing Evolution is the first marketing measurement solution to incorporate an extensive process for assessing and validating data quality, from data arrival to ingestion and consumption, ensuring accurate measurement and recommendations.