Why Marketers Pick Us

A Pioneer in Consumer-Centric, Unified Marketing Performance Measurement

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Machine Learning at our Core

Our solutions incorporate artificial intelligence with proprietary automated and scalable updating algorithms which power our media insights and creative optimization with four issued patents. The result is marketing performance that is nimble, forgets the irrelevant aspects of the past, retains the relevant aspects of the past, and learns the emerging patterns of the future.

Data Flexibility

Our platform ingests data [Media Data, Identity Data, Conversion Data] and resolves to a consumer-level or aggregate level, depending on your data availability. As data is assembled and normalized, it is sampled and weighted to show a representative of your business and your consumers. Leveraging our proprietary Consumer Choice Model, we can measure how media exposure in and across markets has an impact on various people within those markets. 

Data Flexibility - Marketing Evolution


Faster Results - Marketing Evolution


See Faster Results

Data quality and optimization speed is our highest priority. We deliver the fastest onboarding and implementation process to get our customers their first brand optimization and first sales optimization.

Activate Media Buys

Take action on recommendations directly from the platform by integrating to key ad platforms and pushing orders through.

Activate Media Buys - Marketing Evolution


Brand Metrics - Marketing Evolution


Improve Your Brand Metrics Across All Channels

Brands have easy access to all of their cross-channel measurement in one place. We individually measure and improve brand metrics by linking media exposure to creative performance to optimize the right message for the right person through the right channel, across all channels - connecting both online and offline data in analysis. 

Utilize True Creative Messaging

The only marketing performance measurement solution that includes creative performance in the modeling process, enabling true creative message optimization.

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Understand your customers - Marketing Evolution


Understand Your Customers More Clearly

Today's marketers need reliable insights to effectively reach customers and accelerate performance. Measuring multiple funnel stages across all consumer interactions in one robust measurement framework has never been easier and more nimble with our Insights, Reporting, and Planning Dashboard. 

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