Marketers, There is No Post-Coronavirus Era

The New Marketing KPIs That Matter to B2C Brands

The recent global health pandemic has undeniably altered life as we know it. Consumers are settling into new purchasing behavior and shifting their media consumption due to COVID-19. This has forced marketers to reassess strategies that have worked in the past. New consumer behavior must mean new marketing behavior.

Historical data has become unreliable, as past behaviors are no longer the best indicator for a forward-thinking strategy. For marketers to adjust to this new normal, we must be able to fully embrace a new way of understanding our consumers and how their habits have changed.

Marketers will need to forge a path of discovery to uncover an effective marketing strategy. This whitepaper will help you prepare for the new normal by outlining:

  • How COVID-19 has affected marketing KPIs 
  • Why changing consumer behaviors require a nimble response 
  • Whether today's historical insights are still applicable 
  • How Marketing Evolution's Bayesian Learning and Forgetting algorithms can serve you moving forward 



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