Media Planning

Make Smarter, Faster, and More Accurate

Media Planning Choices

CFOs expect to see precisely how individual marketing activities contribute to business outcomes. As a result, today’s marketers must be more data-driven and strategic in developing their media plans than ever before.

Get More Accurate Assessments

With the Marketing Evolution Media Planner, you can create your annual media strategy and plan — directly driven by your data and results. Run “what if” scenarios that modify budget, target audience, KPIs and media mix to automatically generate a highly granular media plan, delivering more ROI.

  • Develop a highly granular media plan
  • Build CFO confidence
  • Speed decision making
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Maximize ROI


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What types of data does Marketing Evolution ingest and measure?

A: The foundation of your marketing measurement platform begins with the collection and integration of comprehensive data at the individual person-level, including sales and CRM data, media exposure, attitudinal data from surveys, geo-location and external factors such as weather, traffic patterns, and the economy.

Q: How does Marketing Evolution ensure the quality of measurement and recommendations?

A: Marketing Evolution is the first marketing measurement solution to incorporate an extensive process for assessing and validating data quality, from data arrival to ingestion and consumption, ensuring accurate measurement and recommendations.