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The Big Game: Is It Time For CMOs To Adjust Our Playbooks?

Total ad spend on commercials during the Super Bowl, from 1967 through 2018, is estimated at $5.4 billion. This number does not take into account the average cost for this year’s 30-second broadcast spot, coming in at a cool $5.25 million. In fact, o...

Marketers: How To Trust Your Data Again

Data is foundational for businesses, and this is especially true in marketing. When collected and measured effectively, data can be credited for increased return on investment (ROI) and authentic brand loyalty. But the opposite holds true as well. Wh...

A Marketer’s Dilemma: Overcoming the Challenges of the Data Disconnect

Few businesses can thrive without using their data effectively these days — and in marketing, data is particularly foundational. Despite its importance, that doesn’t mean the process of gathering and using this information is easy or simple (few thin...

Transforming The Transformative: The CMO's Role In Leading Digital Transformation

Whether you call it digital transformation, digitalization, or DX, it’s transforming companies of all sizes, across all industries. Within companies, DX is making its mark across disciplines, and marketing is no exception.

Brand Steward To Privacy Marshal: The Evolving Role Of CMOs In A Post-Trust Era

It’s no secret that almost all successful companies rely on at least one common weapon: data. From Amazon and Google to Netflix and Spotify, user data is the currency that often yields the highest returns and wields the most power.

It's A Customer's World But CMOs Must Lead The Experience

In today’s ultra-competitive on-demand business environment, customer experience (CX) is a differentiator that can spell success or failure for a brand. In addition to their core branding and acquisition activities, chief marketing officers must rely...

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