ARF Research Review

Marketing Evolution’s Return on Marketing Objectives (ROMO) Methodology

This is an ARF Methodological Review of the Return On Marketing Objectives (ROMO) methodology as developed by Marketing Evolution. The purpose of the methodology is to provide a complete, holistic, in-market measurement of marketing effectiveness.

A dozen ROMO studies have been made publicly available in detail following collaboration with the ARF, who shed light on the research design, analysis, and findings prior to releasing the research and studies to the public. This whitepaper is based on the representations of Marketing Evolution and the ARF researcher’s review of the six most recent studies, and showcases the ROMO methodology as of March 2006. This review does not represent an ARF or MRC audit. The purpose of this review is twofold:

  1. To review the objectives, design, methodology and reporting of the service in the context of ARF guidelines.
  2. To render an opinion of the adequacy of the design, methodology and reporting to meet the stated objectives, both in theory and in practice, insofar as that practice is represented to the ARF by Marketing Evolution.

The ARF opinion is based on the years of experience of the ARF staff and the body of ARF principles and guidelines currently available.