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on March 31, 2017

Marketing Evolution And Its Award-Winning CEO And Founder Rex Briggs

2017-03-31 12_26_46-Marketing Evolution and its award-winning CEO and Founder Rex Briggs – Finance M.png

The first individual that we had the privilege of interviewing for our March Executive Insight section is Rex Briggs – the founder and CEO of the NYC-based Marketing Evolution, which brings together advanced analytics and cloud-based software to support message exposure at the person-level, across all media, and in-campaign. Their software represents a new generation of analytics using big data and artificial intelligence. Within the last year, Marketing Evolution has been named “a leader” by the independent research firm Forrester in their latest global “Measurement and Optimization Wave” report, won the “Gold Medal” from the Advertising Research Foundation, and has been the subject of a Best Practice report by the CEB Marketing Leadership Council. Their software increases profits by analyzing advertising effectiveness of each and every message in near real-time. Here Rex tells us more about Marketing Evolution’s recent accomplishments and sheds some light on the way that the company operates.


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