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Why Marketers Select Marketing Evolution

How We Know It’s Different: Quotes


Fastest On-boarding

"We waited over a year for our old attribution partner to integrate offline sales data. It never happened. Now we are integrating under Marketing Evolution." (Telecommunications)


"It took us six months just to get the data together, and we are still waiting for results. Your on-boarding has been so much faster to insights/actions." (Entertainment)


In-Flight Message-Level Optimization

"Marketing mix modeling is not enough. … Marketing mix modeling looks back...it is too late to make any changes. The reason we are excited about working with Marketing Evolution is that their approach allows us to go in and make changes on-the-fly." (Financial)


"I don’t think our past partners even considered how different creative messages worked against different segments. There was almost no connection to marketing/communication strategy." (Financial)


Better Measurement: Brand + Behavior

"We always suspected that brand advertising had an impact on the business in a measurable way, in new accounts, new credit card usage, bank account openings and deposits. But, we never knew how much. Marketing mix modeling [as performed by Marketing Evolution] allowed us to figure it out. We discovered brand has very, very significant business impact in both the short and long term." (Financial)


"Thanks to the proprietary data Marketing Evolution brings to the table, Marketing Evolution is the only company in Forrester’s ‘leader’ quadrant that can directly connect brand building to sales. This is hugely important to us." (Retail)


Easier to Take Action

"I have never had all my marketing touch points this granular on one spreadsheet — thank you! I can see the improvement in ROI potential so clearly." (Insurance)


"Compared to marketing mix or attribution models, which we’ve tried, Marketing Evolution is far more actionable." (Entertainment)


More Accurate

"The attribution and ROIs coming from our other models were just not believable. They overstated the contribution of marketing, leaving us empty-handed going to our CFO. With Marketing Evolution, the answers make sense." (Retail)


"We were stuck with a single conversion window of one to two months on our web-based conversion, so of course it was going to push money toward the short-term response media vehicles. Marketing Evolution fixed this with their more comprehensive measurement." (Retail)


Better Value

"I could consolidate my brand tracking, MMM and attribution modeling with you? That is music to my ears and changes the way I look at the price of your platform." (Pharmaceutical)


"Marketing Evolution answers the why behind the buy." (Financial)

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Forrester Wave

Marketing Evolution Named "Leader" in the Forrester Wave™ Report

Forrester has named Marketing Evolution as a "leader" in marketing measurement and optimization solutions, in Forrester’s Q4 2016 Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions Forrester Wave™ Report. We believe this distinction affirms Marketing Evolution’s position as the industry-leading marketing analytics and ROI company.



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Speed and Scope Advantages

The ROI Brain™ software is for marketers who are frustrated by the slow, overly complex, fragmented and hard-to-apply analysis and reporting provided by attribution and mix model vendors.

Speed and Scope Advantages

Marketing Evolution provides unique advantages, because the ROI Brain™ is:

  • Fast: It gives you in-campaign optimization of every message in every media placement.
  • Unified: It brings together every media touch point, integrating attribution and mix model marketing.
  • Easy to understand: The person-level analysis is intuitive. Marketers can see exactly why changes to message and media mix are recommended.
  • Easy to apply: The recommendations of creative rotation, targeting and media mix are all immediately actionable.
  • Supported by experts: Marketers have a team supporting their success every step of the way.
Speed and Scope Advantages
Marketers who switched to Marketing Evolution found
25% to 35% better results than they got from their mix or attribution vendor.

Marketing Evolution is a strong choice for firms that embrace a person-centric view of marketing’s future and are willing to depart from the well-accepted paths of marketing mix modeling and attribution for a partner that, in the words of one customer, ‘will be on the cutting edge as the space changes.'"

— The Forrester Unified Measurement Wave, October 2016

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