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A scalable solution for data-driven marketers

Marketing for the future

Seamlessly navigating changing privacy laws, the deprecation of cookies, and a host of other changes to the marketing landscape continues to pose challenges for marketers. Our cutting edge machine learning algorithms predict media exposure and consumer response, giving you person-level insights, without person-level data.

Faster onboarding and implementation

Easily connect ad servers, social APIs, and market data at any level of granularity. Our flexible implementation structure makes it simple to get up and running quickly, requiring as little as four weeks of historical data to start training our machine learning model. No site tagging necessary!

Real-time insights

Track progress toward your KPIs as soon as data becomes available. Use our data visualizations to quickly measure the weekly and monthly impact of your investments. Separate high-performing channels and tactics from underperforming media types to eliminate waste from your budget.

Drive growth through experimentation

Shift from insights to action. Run experimental media scenarios and discover how a change in investment, media type, or channel can help you achieve your desired outcome and maximize ROI. Validate your experiments with up to date performance data, and confidently put your media plan into action.


Unified Marketing Measurement

Marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution aren’t cutting it. Our unified solution is your source of truth for omnichannel marketing measurement and performance, using machine intelligence to predict exposure and measure impact, while protecting consumer privacy.

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Customers 💜 Mevo

"We are incredibly pleased with our partnership with Marketing Evolution. Their technology is state-of-the-art and continuously evolving and improving.  The ME software integrates easily into our planning process… It is highly intuitive and the reporting is easy to understand and implement."

- Automotive Agency Analytics Executive