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The ROI Brain™ observes every media touch point and all major external factors, learning exactly which messages influence which people by measuring millions of people and their exposure to your messages. It then uses this knowledge to optimize the creative rotation, targeting and media mix for every person in the country. The ROI Brain™ outputs the optimizations into an easy-to-apply format for the agency to activate. Validation is built in.

On top of this software is a dedicated Customer Success team. Their job is to ensure the marketer is successful by guiding on-boarding, delivering training to both the marketer and agency, and staying engaged every day. A rhythm of weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings go progressively deeper into the marketer's business to cement the partnership.

You want us to succeed and are as passionate about our results as we are. You are thought leaders and help us blaze a trail to a step change increase in performance."

— Mark Greatrex, Chief Marketing Officer, Cox

Unified PersonCentric™ Optimization

Measure Your Campaign Performance and Optimize in Real Time

Traditionally, overseeing a marketing and advertising campaign has been a bit like being a football coach who is unable to change preset plays in the middle of the game. No matter how good your pregame strategy is, you’re powerless to adjust to changing situations and new information.

This can make you feel out of touch and frustrated with measurement. If your campaign doesn’t land just right, your job may even be at risk.

To take the uncertainty out of your campaigns, and to ensure your campaigns meet their goals, you need software that delivers actionable detailed optimization to boost performance while the campaign is live.

ROI Brain Results
With the ROI BrainTM, Our Last 50 Engagements Achieved an
Average 31% Increase in Marketing ROI

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Simplicity in Action

For all the data, technology and capabilities of the ROI Brain™, Marketing Evolution has focused on making the ROI Brain™ easy to use on a regular basis.

The answers are right there, easy to see and act upon. The weekly call with Marketing Evolution's Customer Success team reinforces action and ensures that any questions are addressed immediately.

The dashboard shows the projected business results (blue line) versus the upside that can be achieved by acting on the recommended message and media optimization (orange line).

The data trends driving these recommendations are right there, so the marketer knows why.

The optimization recommendations come with clear visuals that show what is driving the changes.

Marketing Evolution answers the why behind the buy."

— Tom Dixon, Chief Marketing Officer, Jack Link’s


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Forrester Wave

Marketing Evolution Named "Leader" in the Forrester Wave™ Report

Forrester has named Marketing Evolution as a "leader" in marketing measurement and optimization solutions, in Forrester's Q4 2016 Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions Forrester Wave™ Report. We believe this distinction affirms Marketing Evolution's position as the industry-leading marketing analytics and ROI company.




Boost ROI with In-Flight Optimizations and Continuous Improvement

Line-by-Line Media Mix Optimization

The ROI Brain™ software measures the ROI of your entire campaign over every consumer touch point, across all media. It breaks data down into an easy-to-understand visual dashboard. It offers line-by-line recommendations of changes to boost performance of your media spend. It delivers the information you need while the campaign is live.

PersonCentricTM Signals

The software collapses big data into person-specific marketing message placements. It uncovers which messages are influencing which people with the best ROI. This helps marketers to achieve more valuable, longer-lasting customer connections.

A Best Practices Engine

The real-time analysis builds a database of best practices that can help improve future marketing efforts. The best practices engine proactively matches the media in your media plans with a checklist of insights to gain the most value out of the media.

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A combination of attribution modeling, predictive modeling and survey company all rolled into one. A great resource for media and marketing to utilize to better understand and then optimize their spend."

— Jeff Follis, Senior Director Marketing Analytics, Famous Footwear

ROI Solution = Software + Expert People

Proven Success for Marketers

Top marketers have moved beyond mix and attribution models to the ROI Brain's PersonCentric™ analysis for three reasons:

person-level analysis
It’s comprehensive
Provides person-level analysis of every message, in every media, for both sales and brand impact.
enables weekly or daily optimization
It’s faster
Sets up with a fraction of the time and work; enables weekly (or daily) optimization instead of monthly or quarterly.
more accurate
It’s accurate
Independently validated as more accurate than leading competitors.

Compared to marketing mix and attribution modeling, which we've tried, Marketing Evolution is far more actionable."

— Laura Gross, VP Media and Research, Warner Bros.

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