Evaluating Programmatic Buying Tactics in Your ROI Analysis

Did you know that Marketing Evolution can append over 1,000 third-party targeting segments to your customers as part of your individual ROI analysis? This opens up a new one-to-one marketing opportunity to find which people are responding to which messages, in which media. If you are considering incorporating programmatic digital buying into your marketing plan, or are already doing so and want to dive deep into what targeting strategies are having the most impact and how these strategies stack up against traditional media buys, this Power User tip is for you. In addition, because of Marketing Evolution’s cross-media ROI analysis, you can take your insights from digital, and apply them to offline media (e.g., TV, Magazine, direct mail).

Marketing Evolution has partnered with eXelate to develop a real-time data exchange that allows marketers to link hyper-targeted programmatic segment data with offline media consumption at a one-to-one respondent level. Through Marketing Evolution’s advanced customer-centric marketing mix modeling, advertisers can now answer questions such as:

  1. What hyper-targeted segments respond best to my digital advertising when it comes to purchase highway metrics (e.g., awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent)?
  2. How can I make highly targeted media buys to reach these audiences across all media channels, both online and offline?

The setup for appending programmatic segment data to new or existing client surveys is quick and requires no incremental work on the part of the advertiser. Advertisers can take advantage of this new capability, and evaluate programmatic targeting segments, whether or not they are currently executing digital buys through demand side platform partners.