Marketing Evolution forms Strategic Partnership with LiveRamp

As ROI coaches who aim to increase your ROI while minimizing data headaches, we are proud to unveil an important partnership with LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, and its Customer Link offering. Customer Link allows marketers to connect data across multiple channels and devices for analytics purposes.

With LiveRamp as an easy to use component of the Marketing Evolution technology stack, we enrich the data sets for attribution analysis, and the possibilities for using connected data to improve marketing ROI for our clients and partners are endless. Areas of immediate benefits and impact for our clients include:

1.   More convenient and connected data on-boarding process, which helps increase the speed of optimization insights delivery and the ROI upside: partnering with LiveRamp, we and our clients would save time in matching and connecting online and offline data across datasets. As a result, we can further increase the speed of ROI optimization delivery, and opportunities realize ROI upside by acting on the optimization recommendations

Our Founder and CEO Rex Briggs has noted: “LiveRamp makes it much easier for us to link online and offline data streams, fueling attribution models that help our clients execute with the best messages, in the right media channels, at optimal frequency levels.”

2.   Closed-loop measurement with more comprehensive view the customers’ path to purchase: With Customer Link integration, we create a more comprehensive dataset that looks across the entire path to purchase for analysis, pairing sales with survey attitudinal data, digital and traditional media exposure, programmatic segmentation, demographics and attitudinal brand perception data in one place.

LiveRamp offers a 1-to-1 deterministic user matching to capture all touchpoints at the consumer-level. Empowered by this comprehensive dataset, marketers can track the path to purchase based on media exposure amongst the most likely prospects and customers better, and optimize in real time the ideal media and creative mix based on key KPIs across marketing tactics at the most granular level in TV, OOH, radio, print right alongside their digital and mobile.

To learn more how LiveRamp’s solution fits into our ROI Brain platform and how you can take advantage of the combined technologies from Marketing Evolution and LiveRamp, check out our press release, LiveRamp’s interview with our Head of Digital Solutions Darcy Jewett, and talk with you dedicated Client Success team.

LiveRamp and ME Partnership