Footwear Retailer DSW To Work With Marketing Evolution

DSW Inc., the footwear and accessories retailer, has selected Marketing Evolution to help it track activity at both online and offline touchpoints and provide AI-based marketing capabilities.

The DSW marketing team says it will be able to measure advertising results to drive its media plans at the person level.

Marketing Evolution measures individual impressions in all addressable and non-addressable media, including email, according to Rex Briggs, founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution.

”Email is just one channel that we track and continues to be an important component of the overall marketing mix,” Briggs says. 

He adds: “We measure email exposure, clicks, reads, and conversions to help customers optimize which products, offers, messages, and channels --and in what combinations -- will drive business performance and customer satisfaction.”

DSW was looking for a partner to help it reach footwear and fashion customers and drive both brick-and-mortar and online sales.

It chose Marketing Evolution partly because of that firm’s Marketing Evolution ROI Brain, a tool that observes activity at every customer touchpoint. It also tracks external factors, and the impact of retail store locations, Marketing Evolution says.

“Over the past few years it’s become clear that we needed a new way of measuring the performance of our entire marketing mix,” states Julie Roy, senior director, customer marketing and analytics, DSW.

Roy adds: “We want to gain insights into the customer’s behavior to understand how each piece of our marketing efforts magnifies or hinders the others. We’ll then use those insights to make confident decisions that will drive our business.”

According to Briggs, Marketing Evolution helps clients with the cadence, frequency, and messaging of email and all other channels to drive the overall customer experience.

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