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5 Tips For Launching A Successful Brand Campaign

Last updated: September 14, 2020

Disciplined Innovation

You’ve invested time, money, and many sleepless nights to create a campaign message that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with consumers. But in order to change the way consumers think about your brand, first you have to get that message in front of them.

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Here are five things to remember when launching a brand campaign:

Tip #1: Money can’t replace time!

When you set off on a large brand re-positioning campaign, you know it’s going to take a lot of weight to get your message across. But one mistake to avoid is trying to accelerate that change by investing too much money at the very start of a campaign. Although frequency is critical in driving change, so is message duration. Instead of wasting money by building frequency too fast, use that money to build a consistent message over time, giving consumers time to absorb your new positioning.

Tip #2: This is not the time to be subtle!

Consumers cannot take away multiple messages from one ad. At best, they will walk away with the explicit primary message or call to action. But don’t expect consumers to pick up on a secondary message, or make the connection between an abstract concept and your brand. Successful brand campaigns make it easy for consumers to know something is new. Advertisers must connect the dots for consumers.

Tip #3: Plan for multiple touch-points!

In the case of advertising brand campaigns, synergy works. Consumers who are exposed to multiple touch-points (e.g. television, print, digital, social, out of home) are more likely to be positively influenced by your campaign. By ensuring that you spread your spend across a couple of different media vehicles, you not only drive the message home to consumers, but you also lessen the risk of hitting saturation with any single media type.

Tip #4: Think efficiency before effectiveness!

It’s going to take a lot of exposure to your campaign for a consumer’s perception to change. Generating adequate frequency over time is a key reason that campaigns are successful. Before you buy those high-profile sports events or prime time premieres, make sure you have a steady foundation of frequency building media. Cable TV is a great vehicle to accumulate exposures at a lower cost across a broad audience. Adding sports or high-impact prime can help you reach a wider audience once that foundation is set.

Tip #5: Don’t just set it and forget it!

In order to have the confidence that your campaign is working, put in place a measurement mechanism that can give you real time feedback. You will be able to let key stakeholders know the campaign is making progress. You can also use those learnings to improve the campaign while it is still running. You have invested tens of millions of dollars to create and run the campaign. Real-time knowledge related to brand tracking can give you the conviction to see it through.

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Written by Tim Petrella