Webinar featuring John Raven, Amgen

5 Reasons Why Marketing Measurement Must Evolve

Webinar - Amgen-blog

While we may secretly pine for a simpler time the reality is that today’s marketplace is extremely complicated and moves at a frenetic pace. Most brands face increased competition and there are literally thousands of distractions to consumer attention. In order to be successful, marketing professionals need right-time insights to make the best decisions on where to invest their budget.

In this world of fragmented media and consumer attention, marketers seeking a competitive advantage need to evolve their approach to attribution and unlock the power of data-driven decision-making. Finding the right unified m

easurement solution may seem complicated, but the reasons to evolve are clear.

Join Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution and John Raven of Amgen for a webinar as they discuss the key reasons to evolve including:

  • The need for speed to find the best marketing levers to pull
  • Setting aside a “spray and pray” approach to “test and learn” to higher ROI
  • Using new, lower-cost channels to reach the right audience at the right time
  • Practical tips you and your team can use based on real-world experience