One Brand's Attribution Journey

Webinar: From Mix Models to Person-Level Measurement

Duration 63:03

Join renowned author, attribution expert, and CEO of Marketing Evolution Rex Briggs for this Masterclass interview with Mike Eichorst, former SVP of Insights for Citibank, TIAA-CREF, and CHASE.

In this interview, Rex and Mike will explore challenges inside the world's largest banks with planning, measuring and optimizing across their media spend.

Frustration with time lags, fragmentation between measuring branding and other performance metrics, lack of accuracy and detail, and inability to measure all channels holistically had the company's teams pulling out their hair.

They were determined to do something to fix it, which set in motion an epic journey that Mike has lived to tell.

Rex and Mike will explore the Citibank's business goals and challenges, observations about the tools available to them, and how they aligned their organization to ensure success for the future.