Webinar featuring IBM 

The Facts and Fictions of Marketing Attribution: The Path to Unlocking Higher ROI

Webinar - IBM - The Path To Unlocking Higher ROI.jpg

In a world of fragmented media and consumer attention, marketers are increasingly relying on data-driven decision-making to give them a competitive advantage. Marketers know that they have mastered data-driven decision making, but finding the right tools is a challenge and there are risks in relying on the wrong partner.

In this webinar, Sachin Pai from IBM, shares tips to help marketers tackle this challenge, no matter where they are starting, and find the tools they need to unlock better marketing ROI and attribution measurement.

The webinar will:

1. Give a quick overview of the attribution landscape with some pros and cons of different approaches
2. Provide a framework and criteria based on their experience for evaluating potential new solutions
3. Share best practices and processes for onboarding to gain insight quickly