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Who Pays for the ROI BrainTM?

As Forrester points out, marketers are frustrated with the slow turn-around time of marketing mix modeling (MMM) and attribution, which deliver results only after the campaign is over. Marketers are frustrated that most reporting isn’t detailed down to individual creative message, media insertion and person-level, which makes it hard to know exactly what’s working, and how to improve results. Marketers want detailed results while their campaigns are live, so there is time to make changes. They want in‑campaign optimization.1

There are several reasons for wanting the detailed in‑campaign optimization that the ROI Brain™ delivers:

First, executive leadership expectations of the feedback loop is immediate. People in the company want to know how marketing is performing now. Telling them, “I’ll let you know in six months, when we get our mix analysis” is met with a jaw dropping, “Wait six months? You must be kidding.” The time lag is embarrassing for Marketing and simply unacceptable to most of the management team. Every other part of the business enterprise delivers near real-time performance metrics. Marketing executives are in a bad position if they don’t have detailed near real-time analysis of what’s working, and how to optimize performance.

Second, marketers want more control so that they can deliver the results the organization is expecting. Marketers tell us they want more than a dashboard that tells them how they are doing; they want a steering wheel too. They want to make course‑correcting changes to ensure that they arrive at the intended destination. During the course of a campaign, marketers can control spending, creative rotation, targeting, and media mix with our marketing analytics platform. Controlling these points can be the difference between success and failure.

Third, marketers want the financial benefit of in‑campaign optimization. A review of 50 recent in‑campaign optimizations found an average of 31 percent increase in marketing ROI. To put this in dollars and cents, for a typical marketer spending $20 million in media with a current ROI of $1.75, it equates to a little over $10 million per year in increased productivity. Delivering this incremental ROI to the bottom line is a career‑advancing win for the marketers.

It is easy to understand why adoption of the ROI Brain™ is growing quickly. The ROI Brain™ provides detailed omni-channel optimization while campaigns are live. However, a barrier for some marketers to get started is figuring out “who pays” for the ROI Brain™ software. Should it come out of the media budget? The Research budget? Finance? IT?


1 Forrester Measurement & Optimization Wave, Q4 2016, free reprint available at http://www.marketingevolution.com/wave

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