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The Power of Real Time, Cross Media Monitoring and Optimization

Last updated: July 3, 2018

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The practice of most large marketers is to perform periodic marketing mix modeling. By its nature, these are rear-view mirror analyses that use data that is at least a few weeks old and generally reaches backwards many months or years. Yet, research from a variety of sources shows that creative impact is twice as important as media mix —therefore, wouldn't it make more sense to monitor marketing campaigns as they unfold, and optimize in-campaign?

Hear case studies on how several leading marketers are performing this in-campaign ROI measurement and optimization and the implication to Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Automotive and QSR. Learn why in-campaign marketing mix optimization generates 2x more impact than rear-view mirror marketing mix optimization

Presented by: Rex Briggs, CEO, Marketing Evolution

This webinar is sponsored by the American Marketing Association.


Written by Marketing Evolution