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Video: Maturing Your Approach featuring Forrester Analyst, Jim Nail - Part 2

Last updated: November 26, 2018

Video Maturing Your Approach featuring Forrester Analyst Jim Nail - Part 2

As described in our previous video Person-Level Data featuring Forrester Analyst, Jim Nail - Part 1, 84% of marketers said consumer expectations will make person-level data business critical.  However, just 42% have adopted this person-level approach.

Many are struggling to start along this journey.  This video identifies the 6 essential areas that firms must change, establish or upgrade to mature their marketing.

Forrester - Marketing Evolution - Jim Nail - Video #2

Marketing Evolution's commissioned Forrester report, The Current State of Marketing Measurement and Optimization, identified 6 areas organizations need to change, establish or upgrade to succeed with person-level measurement:

  1. Technology and data – clean data and self-service access
  2. Measurement – Omnichannel insights and leading-indicator metrics
  3. Optimization and Activation – how quickly can you make changes and use in planning your marketing mix
  4. Organization and resources – relationships within marketing function and beyond
  5. Governance – putting person-level insights at the center
  6. Culture – customer and customer-data at center of decision

What is holding you back from evolving your marketing strategy? To learn more, download our Forrester commissioned research on The Current State of Marketing Measurement and Optimization.


Written by Marketing Evolution