The Current State of Marketing Measurement & Optimization

Unlocking Real-Time,

Person-Level Decision

Join Marketing Evolution’s Andy Cheong and guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Jim Nail as they discuss the Current State of Marketing Measurement and Optimization. This webinar explores why organizations recognize the need to master customer data at the person-level, despite disconnected approaches to marketing measurement and optimization and a rapidly changing market.

Join us as we explore Forrester’s research into why 360-degree customer insights are so crucial to marketing success, as well as what marketers need to know before being able to make real-time, person-level decisions. Additionally, several key findings from the report will be discussed, including:

  • Why in a post-digital world, marketers need timely, accurate, and granular data
  • The data-initiative progress marketers have made so far, and the need to make more
  • How person-level data can help launch marketing and business priorities forward
  • Recommendations on how to prepare for the person-level future of marketing data

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