Make the Case for Advanced Marketing Measurement

Greater Accountability and Greater Return

CMOs continue to face intense scrutiny of their marketing budgets as CFOs and CEOs demand accountability for every marketing dollar spent. With the increasingly complex buyer’s journey, it’s become much more difficult for CMOs to determine marketing’s contribution to financial success. Marketers need advanced marketing measurement capabilities that help them objectively determine the optimal mix of marketing activities, driving not only greater return on marketing spend, but also accountability. 

Watch guest speaker Tina Moffett, Forrester Research senior analyst, and Kristin Hambelton, CMO of Marketing Evolution, to learn how marketers can successfully make the business case for advanced marketing measurement. You’ll find out:

  • Factors that drive the need for advanced marketing measurement
  • The benefits of taking a unified measurement approach
  • Best practices and recommendations for making the business case

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About Marketing Evolution

Forward-looking brands rely on Marketing Evolution to deliver accurate person-level unified marketing measurement across both online and offline channels to maximize their media spend, creative rotation, brand impact, and, ultimately, their marketing ROI.