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5 Media Myths Marketers Need to Retire Now 

It seems that every year new articles surface making bold predictions about the future of the marketing space.  Every media company, agency and maven/prognosticator had their predictions for what that far-future state would look like.  Like clockwork, a flock of updates on “how advertising works now” and “what will it look like then” would paint either a bleak or an inspiring picture.  This constant postulating has made it almost impossible to sort through what will really count moving forward, and which are myths to be dispelled.

The decades-long running tradition of weaving facts and opinions into a single cloth has created noise and confusion across the media industry. To gain clarity and make real change in an industry involves hard work, self critical thinking and the messiness of testing, learning and - yes - making mistakes.

Join Pattie Glod, SVP of professional services at Marketing Evolution, as she debunks five of these media myths – examining them from a person-level view for practical insights.

In this webinar, you'll learn

  • Why it's time to get clear on some of the fundamental truths in the age of data
  • How the fact and opinion lines in media have gotten blurry
  • That these media myths are in place to avoid the chaos of finding new ways to think and work – missing out on better opportunities to think and work
Pattie_Glod Pattie Glod
SVP, Professional Services
Marketing Evolution

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