Mastering the Complex Consumer Landscape to Improve Marketing Impact 

2019 Attribution Buyer's Guide

There has never been a more exciting time in the field of marketing analytics. Marketers now have access to tools which assess what is contributing most to sales, revenue, and shareholder value. Marketers can use this data to create campaigns which drive greater results and improve marketing impact. 

But while attribution models have come a long way in recent years,  many measurement approaches have significant shortfalls. With our 2019 Attribution Buyer's Guide: Mastering the Complex Consumer Landscape to Improve Marketing Impact, we aim to help marketers tackle these challenges, so that no matter where they are starting from, they will have the tools for better marketing ROI and attribution measurement.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What marketing attribution is and why it matters
  • The challenges marketers face with marketing measurement solutions
  • How to identify the solution that's right for you
  • Why good data is crucial, no matter the solution you choose 

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