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Warner Brothers powered by Marketing Evolution

2016 ARF Ogilvy Gold Award Winner: BIG DATA 

As a theatrical campaign was unfolding, the Warner Brothers Home Entertainment team hired Marketing Evolution to strategically aggregate BIG Data from over 300 data sources. This ensured that their campaign would be data-driven, to achieve maximum ROI in the subsequent months.

Marketing, creative, and media teams are forced to move at the speed of light. Small cross-functional teams are developing creative and targeting strategies while simultaneously constructing integrated media plans – across several campaigns, at once. While this is an example focused on how BIG Data was applied to the movie PAN, the real breakthrough for Warner Brothers was overcoming the struggles of taking advantage of BIG Data at scale, to influence decision making and thus improve business results.

The cooperative team included creative media, traditional media, digital media, social media, research/analytics along with C-level executive sponsorship. Marketing Evolution, WMG (media agency), and the Digital DMP Krux, worked together to take the BIG Data optimization from Marketing Evolution’s ROI Brain™ and implement it, as the campaign unfolded. A streamlined process of aligning data sources, and a standard ETL (extract, transform, load) of the appropriate data streams into the data and technology stack allowed the best-in-class analytics to move from insight to action with speed and ease.

Warner Brothers is finding upside potential of 20-30% consistently across titles with this optimization approach. For the movie, PAN, we observed a 31% improvement.

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