How to Modernize Your Approach to Marketing Measurement

A Practical Roadmap to Success

Webinar: Modernize Your Approach to Marketing Measurement

Join Marketing Evolution’s Jason Palleschi and Team One’s Jennifer Bolt, as they discuss how marketers can gain the upper-hand amid today’s increasingly competitive and fragmented media landscape. They’ll explore how marketers can update their approach to attribution to unlock the power of data-driven decision-making and marketing optimization.

This webinar provides a practical roadmap to help diagnose potential problems with existing marketing attribution tools, identify solutions that can better help them drive business results, and prioritize onboarding to realize benefits as quickly as possible.

Finding the right unified measurement solution may seem complicated, but the steps to successful unified marketing measurement adoption are clear. Join us as we discuss these key steps, including:

  • Diagnosing the Problem – Potential shortcomings and blind spots of legacy attribution / measurement tools
  • Steps to Finding a Solution – Key questions unified measurement solutions should answer and capabilities they should have
  • Onboarding to Get Results Fast – Gathering/automating data, team alignment, KPI’s and determining the right business results